Do you need to dynamically reduce, expand, or reconfigure your storage to meet changing data, performance, and availability needs?

HPE Logical Volume Manager (LVM) Mirrordisk/UX is a subsystem for managing your disk space. It offers value-added features that enhance availability and performance, including mirroring, high-availability (with optional HPE Serviceguard) and striping, all designed to meet your changing needs.


Allocate and Manage Disk Space for File Systems or Raw Data

HPE Logical Volume Manager (LVM) Mirrordisk/UX enables you to reduce or expand logical volume size to meet your changing data needs. A logical volume can be as small or large as the file system mounted to it requires and the file system can be extended without rebuilding it or the logical volume.

Combine small chunks of unused space from several disks to create a usable volume.

Use LVM to simultaneously store and update up to six copies of identical data. This process is known as “mirroring” a logical volume.

Shared Logical Volume Manager (SLVM) permits multiple systems in an HPE Serviceguard cluster to share (read/write) disk resources in the form of volume groups. This increases the efficiency of a Serviceguard cluster.

Accelerate I/O throughput for large files when they are read and written sequentially by creating a logical volume that distributes logically contiguous data blocks across multiple disks. This process, known as “striping,” can be used in conjunction with mirroring.

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