HPE Integrity NonStop X

The de facto server for no work interruption, no transactions lost, and no performance degradation.

Always On, On x86

For nearly four decades, HPE NonStop has delivered the highest level of availability and reliability in high-stakes environments demanding continuous business and 100% fault tolerance. HPE Integrity NonStop X mitigates the risk of downtime while meeting large scale business processing, online transaction processing (OLTP), and database requirements—all handled on the industry-standard x86 platform.

HPE Integrity NonStop Means Continuous Business


24/7 Reliability with Standard x86 Environment


Performance of Previous System


Less Latency with Industry-Standard Infiniband Interconnect

HPE NonStop X

The HPE Integrity NonStop X extends the 100% fault-tolerant NonStop platform to include the x86 architecture.

  • Processor

    • Intel Xeon x86 processors
  • Supported RVU

    • L15.02 and later
  • Processors

    • 2-16 processors configured in pairs
  • Memory

    • 64GB, 128GB, and 192GB configurations

Add Critical Value to Your HPE NonStop Infrastructure

Go HPE NonStop Mobile App

Free mobile app simulating real-time process-pair technology, a fundamental part of the HPE NonStop Operating System.

Financial Services

Scale now with financial planning and flexible payment options.

Transformation Services

Optimize your enterprise with our services for cloud, security, mobility and big data analytics.


White Paper : HPE Integrity NonStop Family of Systems

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White Paper

Learn how fully integrated, fault-tolerant NonStop systems deliver 24/7 availability, massive scalability, and operational efficiency.

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See how Home Depot puts Integrity NonStop X to work.

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Building on 25 years of server industry leadership, our bold new Compute strategy helps you thrive in the era of big data, the cloud and mobility.

White Paper : Availability Matters

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White Paper

HP Integrity NonStop for industries that never stop.

White Paper : Achieve Mission-Critical Results with HPE Integrity Servers

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White Paper

See how HPE Integrity servers deliver results that matter.