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Backup appliances that offer simple affordable and flexible data protection.

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Deploy the Fastest Data Protection Solution in the Market1 to Secure Your Growing Data While Reducing Cost, Risks, and Complexities

Less Stress, More Rest – with HPE’s Ninja Protected+ Backup Assessment Tools

No matter whether you are a backup admin, IT operations manager, or an executive, we can help shed some light on how your environment is really doing. As part of the HPEs Ninja Protected+ Backup Assessment, we start with a free backup assessment (yes, free with no strings attached). Do you really know how secure your data is? Let HPE help you to determine a data protection strategy with our Ninja Protected+ Backup Assessment Tool.

Data Protector is the core protection engine for the Adaptive Backup and Recovery suite which leverages operational analytics to enable an optimized, tuned backup environment for today’s dynamic data-driven enterprise.
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