Remote Monitoring, Management and Optimisation

Services to monitor, operate and optimise your infrastructure and applications, delivered consistently and globally to give you unified control and let you focus on innovation.

HPE Adaptive Management Services

Deliver a quality experience at lower cost, expand your capacity for innovation and take advantage of new technologies quickly, without waiting until your organisation has the skills. HPE Adaptive Management Services (AMS) will remotely monitor and operate your infrastructure and applications, detect and help resolve issues and advise you on ways to continuously improve.

Gain flexibility but keep control

Unlike a managed service or doing it all yourself, HPE Adaptive Management Services will help you operate, but leave you in control. You won’t need to perform routine maintenance, which will allow you to focus on innovation and quickly take advantage of new technologies.

Get it all in one place

With HPE Adaptive Management Services get a partner with all the capabilities needed to operate your data centre. Leverage 24x7 remote IT infrastructure monitoring (RIM) and operational services on servers, storage, networking, hypervisor, backup/restore and security elements, for any environment. Use with complex application environments such as SAP or VMWare, converged systems, firmware, operating systems and virtualisation softwares. Your assigned account support team brings it all together and makes sure that you get the IT services experience you need to drive the outcomes your business demands. 

Innovate faster

Free up your staff to better address business needs with technology and have more resources for innovation.

Leverage the best

Rely on HPE experts as you leverage new technologies and applications, short term or for the long run.

Simplify IT

Deliver a great experience to your customers with HPE monitoring, operating and administering in a cost effective way.

Success in action

Dutch Hospital secures storage headroom as data grows

Flevoziekenhuis had to improve its infrastructure to continue to provide sophisticated treatment to its patients. Its new solution enables optimal patient care, while the pay-per-use model reduces cost and provides the headroom to cope with future growth.

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Architectural lighting firm improves its SAP environment

Erco replaced its aging IT infrastructure with SAP HANA and remote infrastructure management, and now has more stable IT operations than before and more time to pursue strategic tasks.

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