File and Object Services for SANs

Need an easy solution for delivering file services in addition to your HPE BladeSystem SAN storage demands?

With HPE StoreEasy 3000 Gateway Storage Blade you get optimized, efficient, secure, and highly available file storage gateways to easily address the needs of medium to large businesses, branches or workgroup environments and provide file services to new and existing SANs. It saves time and money by supporting hundreds to thousands of concurrent users and devices, as well as multiple diverse workloads through rich file protocols. Your data is indispensable and protected as such through at rest and in flight through features like built-in encryption, sophisticated access controls, and online snapshots. The StoreEasy 3000 Gateway Blade is a robust gateway with turnkey clustered configurations, transparent failover, and online maintenance to deliver near continuous availability of data to users, servers, and applications in demanding 24x7 environments.

What's new

  • Windows Storage Server 2016 now available for new HPE StoreEasy 1000 CTO models and existing systems, with improved security and an enhanced deduplication engine for large files and volumes.


Optimized: Tailored for File Storage

The HPE StoreEasy 3000 Gateway Blade comes with pre-configured hardware and either Microsoft Windows Storage Server 2016 or 2012 R2. Get your file gateway out of the box and online fast with tools that simplify installation and curb common configuration errors.

The HPE StoreEasy Dashboard consolidates all key status information, including capacity utilization, performance, and health, in a single interface, reducing the need to navigate multiple tools and interfaces for day-to-day management and monitoring.

Efficient: Saves You Money and Time

The HPE StoreEasy 3000 Gateway Blade supports large numbers of users and connected devices thanks to a high-performance file serving controller. Utilize a broad range of file access protocols, including Microsoft Hyper-V and SQL Server application storage over SMB or iSCSI.

Achieve an average of 50–60 percent space savings with granular data deduplication.1 In Windows Storage Server 2016-based StoreEasy 3000 Gateway Blade models, an enhanced deduplication engine supports large files, up to 1 TB, and volumes up to 64 TB.

Built-in file sync and share enables employees, mobile workers and distributed teams to access their work files from any Internet-connected desktop, smartphone, or tablet. Organizations can apply policies to wipe devices remotely and enforce lock screen passwords to protect data on employee devices.

Use advanced data management to automatically improve use of resources, comply with data retention policies, and enhance protection of sensitive files. Reduce your branch office WAN usage with Hosted BranchCache, which automatically caches frequently accessed corporate data center files locally.

Secure: Protect Your Data Always

The HPE StoreEasy 3000 Gateway Storage Blade protects data while at rest with file system encryption, and while it is being transferred with SMB encryption and signing.

File Classification Infrastructure can dynamically identify files based on sensitivity and implement sophisticated access controls based on your organization’s requirements using Active Directory Rights Management Services.

Install and run endpoint protection such as antivirus on the system itself – reducing the cost and complexity of connecting an external endpoint protection server. Prevent against data loss with Volume Shadow Copy Service online snapshots and support for agent based backup software.

Native Microsoft Azure support allows you to seamlessly store backups of StoreEasy data in the cloud, using your Microsoft Azure subscription, for protection against disasters and catastrophic failures.

Highly Available: Prevents Business and Your User Disruption

The HPE StoreEasy 3000 Gateway Storage Blade increases uptime with standard features as near continuous health monitoring with HPE Active Health System, mirrored operating system solid-state drives (SSDs), and advanced memory protection.

Confidently deploy large file systems with file system online self-healing that reduces the need to take systems offline, online verification, and precise and rapid repair that reduces downtime from file corruption from days or hours to minutes.

Protect data from simple user errors to catastrophic failure using StoreEasy-native replication for data sets up to 100 TB, or opt to use Vision Solutions Double-Take Availability to protect large data sets with real-time byte-level replication. Installation files and free 14-day trial included.

Get support from file storage experts with three year onsite parts and labor warranty for the system, and one year of software telephone support.

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  • Windows® is a U.S. registered trademark of Microsoft Corporation.
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