Persistent Memory

Do you need a data center infrastructure that can manage vast amounts of data, while lowering overall TCO?

Intel® Optane™ persistent memory for HPE is ideal for enterprise customers who need to consume and quickly manage vast amounts of data while running structured data management, analytics or virtualized workloads. Intel Optane persistent memory for HPE affordably expands memory capacity and adds low-latency access to persistent data, combining the best of memory and storage traits into one transformative product, while lowering overall TCO.

Intel Optane persistent memory for HPE brings massive data sets closer to the CPU for faster time to insight. It increases data center resiliency and takes database restart times from hours down to minutes or seconds. This allows access to use cases that were previously unavailable with traditional storage. Data can now be stored locally and accessed remotely to provide fast, high-capacity, immediate, consistent in-memory databases.

What's new

  • Intel Optane persistent memory for HPE 200 series in 128 GB, 256 GB, and 512 GB capacities with two operating modes. Memory Mode and App Direct Mode determine which capabilities are available.


Single Technology Configured as Large Server Memory or Fast Storage Data Center Complexity

Intel Optane persistent memory for HPE can move, store, and process larger data sets closer to the processor.

App Direct Mode – both byte and block addressing supported.

DIMM form factor installed in a server memory slot.

Up to 1.6x more virtual machines while in memory mode.1

Up to 3x more performance than NVMe SSDs.2

Cost-effective Dense Memory for Larger Compute Needs

Intel Optane persistent memory for HPE is more affordable than the equivalent DRAM.

Offers higher capacity than what is achievable with DRAM alone.

Up to 2x the capacity of DDR4 server memory.3

Available in 3 different capacities –128 GB, 256 GB, 512 GB.

Configurations with lower $/GB than DRAM-only configs.

Transform Critical Data Centric Workloads

Intel Optane persistent memory for HPE boosts the performance of data-intensive applications.

Enables more compute capability for memory-intensive applications.

Delivers more server instances, improves service scalability and ownership costs for virtualization workloads.

Take Advantage of HPE Reliability Features in both Memory Mode and App Direct Mode

HPE provides an advanced error correcting code (ECC) feature, making it possible to correct memory errors that might go uncorrected and cause unplanned downtime.

Advanced ECC memory is the default memory protection mode for HPE servers.

Smart Data Integrity Check during boot in App Direct Mode.

Increased patrol scrub interval, especially for Memory Mode.

More aggressive HPE SmartMemory recovery algorithm.

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    Cost-effective virtualized OLTP SQL server performance with Intel Optane persistent memory for HPE Performance Brief:
  • 2.
    HPE Internal Lab Testing: Up to 3x more read performance than NVMe SSDs quant is based on HPE testing of Intel Optane persistent memory 100 series for HPE on HPE ProLiant servers. Test was conducted in June 2019.
  • 3.
    Intel Optane persistent memory offers 3 different capacities –128 GB, 256 GB, 512 GB. Individual DIMMs of DDR4 DRAM max out at 256 GB.
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