HPE FlexFabric

Create a more converged, flexible and scalable data centre network architecture.

Build an Automated, Agile Data Centre

Converge data centre assets, respond to dynamic workloads, fully exploit virtualisation and SDN technologies and provision multi-tenant cloud environments at the speed of software.


Reduction in Operational Complexity(1)


the Scale of the Leading Competitor(2)


Reduction in Sprawl at the Edge

Predictable Performance

A highly scalable, flat network domain with HPE FlexFabric delivers flexible provisioning, ultra-low latency and fast workload mobility.

Infrastructure Made Simple

Flattened data centre topology makes the most of virtualised network intelligence and lets you pool, move and scale. Compute and storage resources on the fly over an integrated management layer. Design, implement and operate a converged infrastructure using our deployment-ready network fabric.

Flex into the Future

With HPE FlexFabric you’re never bound to a specific operating configuration, proprietary architecture or network fabric. Our automated, programmable data centre fabric architecture gives instant access to cloud-based apps and services so your data centre can grow and adapt to the business.

An Award-winning Partnership

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Behind the Scenes at DreamWorks

DreamWorks has massive and growing network demand. See our networking infrastructure eliminate unplanned outages, plus reduce overtime and network complexity.

HPE IMC Platform Options

Choose an HPE IMC platform that best supports your FlexFabric needs.

IMC Standard

Our most popular, supports 50-15,000 devices.

IMC Enterprise

For large FlexFabric systems that scale to tens of thousands.

Better Together: HPE Servers + HPE Networking

HPE ProLiant servers and Network Adapters along with HPE Networking infrastructure provide an end-to-end solution that spans from the edge of your network to inside your data centre.

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Learn how to create a more streamlined, flexible network architecture from our experienced team.


Brochure : Cloud Management Automation


Cloud Management Software can coordinate and automate network operations. HPE works with Cloud Management Software to automate your cloud service.

Case Study : Diversified Agency Services (DAS): Globally Architected, Locally Delivered

Case Study

Worldwide media and advertising giant creates resilient, scalable, agile and software-defined global network with HPE Networking.

Blog Post : The Ever Increasing “Need for Speed” In The Datacentre

Blog Post

If you’re like most datacentre network engineers – I’m guessing that you very often feel like Tom Cruise in the 1986 Movie Classic - Top Gun

Blog Post : The Next Big Shift in Data Centre Networking – The SDDC

Blog Post

The emergence of maturing virtualisation solutions has opened the potential for the software-defined data centre (SDDC) – a comprehensive abstraction of a complete data centre.

1 Compared to legacy solutions. HPE IRF allows a 4:1 reduction (or 75% less) in design and operational complexity by allowing four core switches to be managed as one.

2 HPE FlexFabric design can scale up to 24,000 10 GbE ports vs. only 12,000 10 GbE ports for Cisco FabricPath.