All-Flash and Hybrid Storage

Predictive all-flash storage from HPE is smart enough to eliminate issues before you even know they’re there.

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Predictive. Cloud ready. Timeless.

When your applications slow-down, you’ve hit the app-data gap. HPE has the only storage smart enough to predict and prevent issues1 and close the app-data gap. Predictive analytics, coupled with cloud ready flash storage, deliver fast and reliable access to data both on-premises and in the cloud.


Close the app-data gap with the power of predictive analytics. Predict and prevent issues before they impact your business.

Cloud ready

Future-proof your environment for the cloud with easy mobility between on-premises and the public cloud.


Don't let your storage investment age prematurely. With all-inclusive licensing, flexible controller upgrades, a six nines guarantee, and a variety of consumption models, your HPE storage is timeless.

HPE 3PAR StoreServ Storage Array

Born for the all-flash data center

Achieve mission-critical service levels by leveraging blazing fast speed of up to 3.8 million IOPs with six nines availability and flexible QoS of flash storage.

HPE Nimble Storage

Radically simple and cloud ready

Leverage flash storage and predictive analytics to deliver fast and reliable access to data. Predictive analytics from HPE InfoSight predict and prevent issues to help deliver 99.9999% guaranteed availability1 and resolves 86% of issues2 before you even know there’s a problem.

HPE SimpliVity

Hyper simple. Hyper scalable. Hyperconverged.

Hyperconvergence combines storage, server, hypervisor and networking in a single, scalable, compact device. The speed and efficiency of HPE SimpliVity all-flash solutions help close the app-data gap.

Flash storage industry survey

Third-party analyst report on flash workload performance and adoption, featuring insights and revelations from 1,000 storage users.

HPE makes the transition easy

Migrate to HPE with ease

Data migration costs more than it should. We solve this problem with 3PAR federation software—easily and cost effectively migrate from EMC and IBM storage to 3PAR. Software is free for 180 days.

Get started with flash storage

See the differences between flash array technologies and get a list of key capabilities to look for as you explore the world of flash.

Move to flash without compromising

Affordability doesn’t come at the cost of scalability, resiliency, or protection. Learn about disaster recovery and data protection in the world of flash-based storage.

Predict and prevent issues

HPE InfoSight watches over your infrastructure, predicting and preventing problems before they can affect your business.

Customers accelerate what’s next with HPE flash storage

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HPE 3PAR StoreServ: All-flash. No limits.

LayerX Group, Nuance Communications, and SOCAN maximize their data storage performance with HPE 3PAR All-Flash.

Sony breaks boundaries with flash

With the massive success and scale of the PlayStation® 4, Sony Network Entertainment started running out of data storage space and losing performance. HPE 3PAR StoreServ was the answer.
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The State of Wisconsin eliminates unplanned downtime

Predictive storage analytics and array-to-array replication helps the Wisconsin Department of Justice to achieve always available storage.
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Riverside Healthcare speeds access to critical medical images

Riverside improved the responsiveness of radiology picture archiving and ensures high performance and availability for its core applications.
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DreamWorks Animation unleashes creativity

With films like Kung Fu Panda 3 using 475TB of data, storage is an essential part of production workflows. DreamWorks has immediate online access to movie assets in production due to HPE 3PAR all-flash storage.
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Connect with an all-flash and hybrid storage specialist

Our experts will answer your questions and help you start the process of transforming your storage infrastructure.


分析报告 : Gartner Magic Quadrant for General-Purpose Disk Arrays


Explore the Gartner Magic Quadrant for General-Purpose Disk Arrays to better understand the leader positioning of the HPE storage array portfolio in this market.

分析报告 : Gartner 固态阵列魔力象限


获取 2017 年 7 月 Gartner 魔力象限报告,了解固态阵列市场、未来前景以及供应商评估等相关内容,以及为何要将慧与列为行业领军企业。

白皮书 : HPE Nimble Storage 树立了 99.9999% 的可用性标准

白皮书 | PDF | 1.05 MB

Nimble Storage 将预测性分析和数据科学作为每个系统的核心基础设施,从而在实测中令可用性达到 99.9999%。

技术白皮书 : Accelerating database workloads using HPE MSA Storage with built-in flash


Accelerating database workloads using HPE MSA Storage with built-in flash

常见问题解答 : 您做好迎接全闪存数据中心的准备了吗?

常见问题解答 | 测验

请抽出 3 分钟时间完成这个测验,检测一下您对迁移至全闪存数据中心的就绪程度。

视频 : HPE 3PAR Flash Now: Accelerating all-flash data center transformation

视频 | 4:23

Flash Now addresses two of the biggest trends in the IT industry: the transition to All-Flash storage and the change in how customers consume technology. It brings cloud-like economics to on-prem all-flash storage deployments.

博客帖子 : Around the storage block: Visit our blogs to find out about all things data storage


Around the Storage Block: Visit Our Blogs to Find out About All Things Flash Storage

视频 : HPE NinjaProtected + Backup Assessment

视频 | 5:10

HPE NinjaProtected + Backup Assessment

博客帖子 : HPE CA700 Converged Architecture with Nimble Storage


HPE CA700 Converged Architecture with Nimble Storage

信息图 : Learn more about HPE InfoSight


Predictive Analytics Based on Machine Learning Boosts Application Uptime:

视频 : HPE StoreFabric SN3600B FC Switch

视频 | 2:16

HPE StoreFabric SN3600B FC Switch