Data Processing Server Solutions

Data-driven business—done your way and on your budget—with HPE infrastructure for small and midsize businesses.

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Putting data to work on your terms

HPE Just Right IT lays the foundation for insightful decision making with the server, networking, and storage performance to empower business analytics.

Storage Infrastructure for Small Business White Papers

How to leverage data to drive growth and competitive advantage

Turn your storage capability into a force for data driven business growth. This analyst white paper explores how small to midsized businesses can build a better data storage infrastructure.

Are you hitting the app-data gap?

Are you hitting the app-data gap?
When your apps slow down, you’ve hit the app-data gap. Leverage flash storage to close that gap by delivering fast and reliable access to data.

Right-sized data processing products


Deliver the performance and scale for small and midsized business data requirements.

Entry Level Storage

Our storage solutions are easy to configure. They accommodate your intentional growth and adapt automatically when the unexpected happens to keep you up and running.

Flex Solutions

Deploy infrastructure that can handle the exploding volume and complexity of data. Get critical insights and in-depth reporting from your data in real-time.

How HPE customers benefit from data infrastructure

HudsonAlpha Streamlines IT to Meet Growth

HudsonAlpha streamlines IT to meet growth

One of America’s leading genome research institutes is constantly growing. It implemented a powerful and easily managed platform and eliminated production bottlenecks.

Speeding up queries to improve margins at SM retail

A retailer switches to HPE to accelerate query processing time. With much faster sales report generation, they can improve their responsiveness to retail trends.

Adding data performance at First National Bank at Darlington

A community bank uses HPE Converged infrastructure to support demanding, data-intensive new banking applications.

Lucas Oil keeps pace with data growth

A midsized business consolidates and virtualizes its infrastructure with HPE to keep pace with rapidly growing data processing challenges.

Empower your data for strategic advantage

Winning competitively usually requires understanding your customers better than anyone else in the market. This takes data and the ability to analyze it for insights that will give you an edge. Achieving this goal is a matter of people, software and infrastructure. HPE gets you there, empowering your data to acquire and retain customers with data processing infrastructure that is high-performing, responsive and flexible.


宣传册 : 促进客户交流

宣传册 | PDF | 423 Kb


分析报告 : 前瞻性采用者的最佳实践:将大数据转化为业务见解

分析报告 | PDF | 299 Kb


視訊 : 通过更好的客户交流促进业务增长

視訊 | 02:15


信息图 : 缩减预算



信息图 : 业务依托 IT 运营 – 如果它出现了故障会怎么样?

信息图 | PDF | 72 Kb

业务依托 IT 运营 – 如果它出现了故障会怎么样?

白皮书 : 为什么选择搭配 Microsoft SQL Server 2014 技术的 Hewlett Packard Enterprise 商务智能平台

白皮书 | PDF | 187 Kb

为什么选择搭配 Microsoft SQL Server 2014 技术的 Hewlett Packard Enterprise 商务智能平台

电子书 : 数据之力:HPE 解决方案帮您获取并留住顾客

电子书 | PDF | 1.7 Mb

数据之力:HPE 解决方案帮您获取并留住顾客

視訊 : 借助 HPE ProLiant Gen9 服务器提升工作负载生产力

視訊 | 02:29

借助 HPE ProLiant Gen9 服务器提升工作负载生产力

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