HPE Moonshot for Digital Media Processing

Massively parallel, high-density media processing servers together with trusted partner software to help you achieve more streams per rack.

Set the stage for continuing growth in media

IT must deliver increasing volumes of media anywhere, on demand to a growing number of devices. Moonshot’s integrated graphics processing unit, high-density and high-throughput together with strong partnerships with innovative software providers delivers breakthrough performance for video and media business. Moonshot media processing servers enable you to meet the growing demands in the market, reduce operational costs, and scale when your businesses demands.

In media processing, density matters

Achieve more streams per rack unit while using less power and space. The unique, high-density Moonshot servers enable breakthroughs impossible for traditional servers. Moonshot is optimized for specific workloads, such as just-in-time transcoding, with the power efficiency needed to economically scale to support millions of users. Moonshot solves the need for video processing with a broad ecosystem of software partners and solutions such as Just in Time Transcoding (JITT) and Cloud TV.

Enable a modern media architecture

On-demand, online media consumption is growing fast and quickly replacing traditional broadcast media. You need to quickly adapt to changing programming and formatting needs, such as just-in-time packaging. This Frost & Sullivan white paper says that to achieve scalability, cost-efficiency and high quality in this demanding environment, you need to transition from a hardware-centric, fixed-function infrastructure to open, IP-based and software-defined workflows.

Solution partners


Wowza Streaming Engine software optimizes streaming application performance on HPE Moonshot, delivering breakthrough economics.


HPE Moonshot and Vantrix software offer an ultra-high-density solution for service providers with large-scale media processing needs.

Get started with IoT Innovation Lab

Get started with IoT Innovation Lab
You’ve heard of Moonshot but don’t know if it’s right for your workload? Visit the Global IoT Innovation Lab, where you can test your applications and see for yourself.


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Radically improve streams per rack unit and significantly lower power and space requirements on a system built for business acceleration.