The Advantages of Radical Simplicity with HPE Nimble Storage for OEM

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In today’s dynamic environment, it is imperative for OEMs to keep innovation as a prized quality. During this webinar, find out how we are delivering the industry’s most complete flash portfolio solutions to OEM Partners with HPE Nimble Storage.

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演示文稿 : HPE OEM 合作伙伴计划与解决方案

演示文稿 | HTML

HPE OEM 合作伙伴计划与解决方案

演示 : HPE Nimble Storage flash arrays

演示 | HTML

HPE Nimble Storage flash arrays




产品介绍 : HPE Nimble Storage 全闪存阵列


搭配预测分析功能的 Nimble Storage 全闪存阵列可简化运营并实现 99.99999% 不间断可用性,同时降低存储备份成本。

参考指南 : 机器学习是否可预防应用停机?

参考指南 | PDF | 1,39 MB

使用 Nimble Storage 的数据科学和机器学习预测分析来弥合应用与数据间的差距,进而改善性能和应用可用性。

产品介绍 : HPE Nimble Storage Adaptive Flash Array


This digital data sheet provides detailed information about Nimble Storage Adaptive Flash Arrays digital data sheet.

白皮书 : HPE Nimble Storage All Flash Array


Discover how the Nimble Storage All-Flash Arrays leverage groundbreaking innovations to provide high performance and consistently low-latency storage.

白皮书 : Redefining the standard for system availability


Discover how Nimble Storage achieves six nines measured availability using predictive analytics and data science as the core architecture of every system.

信息图 : Five things to consider when evaluating flash storage


Read 5 insights that will help you ask the right questions during evaluation and take a quiz to assess where you are on the road map to adopting all flash.

白皮书 : Managing Nimble Storage snapshots, replication, and backup to StoreOnce with Veeam


Protect your data with a disaster recovery and archiving solution that integrates HPE StoreOnce, Nimble Storage and Veeam using snapshots and replication for system backup.

博客帖子 : Around the Storage Block: HPE Nimble Storage blogs


Find out about all things data storage from Around the Storage Block at HPE Community.

分析师白皮书 : Assessing the financial impact of HPE InfoSight predictive analytics

分析师白皮书 | PDF | 585 KB

With the HPE InfoSight predictive analytics platform, learn how HPE Nimble Storage has broken away from convention and transformed how storage is managed and supported.

案例研究 : Achieving IT excellence with Nimble Storage


Alberta-Pacific Forest Industries achieves IT excellence with Nimble Storage All Flash Cloud Platform.

案例研究 : Unflagging storage performance for Graniterock


Real-time access to SAN-based data with Nimble Storage keeps road and runway construction at peak efficiency.

视频 : HPE Nimble Storage overview

视频 | 5:58

What's the special sauce with Nimble Storage? In this ChalkTalk, HPEStorageGuy gives an overview of Nimble Storage, the portfolio of flash arrays, InfoSight Analytics, and the Secondary Flash Array. Nimble Storage is now a Hewlett Packard Enterprise company.