HPE OneView Architectural Advantages

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Discover single pane management for every workload. Learn how HPE OneView provides organizations a simpler IT infrastructure with more efficient ways to work by:

  • Deploying faster with software-defined intelligence
  • Simplifying lifecycle ops with frictionless updates
  • Increasing productivity with a unified API
  • Accelerating time-to-value with HPE services and support

Addressing the limitations of legacy management tools.....2

An integrated platform with a consistent, logical resource model.....3

Enhanced user experience.....3

Designed for automation.....4

Why REST is important.....7

REST-based resource model.....7

Software-defined resources.....9

Resource relationships and Map View.....10

Managing infrastructure at scale.....10

Expanding interoperability to a broader range of devices.....11

HPE OneView architecture and the evolution of the existing data center.....13

Integrating Composable Infrastructure management with HPE Business Service Management.....15

HPE Operations Analytics for HPE OneView.....16

Transitioning to cloud and the software-defined data center.....18