HPE OneView Architectural Advantages

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Discover single pane management for every workload. Learn how HPE OneView provides organizations a simpler IT infrastructure with more efficient ways to work by:

  • Deploying faster with software-defined intelligence
  • Simplifying lifecycle ops with frictionless updates
  • Increasing productivity with a unified API
  • Accelerating time-to-value with HPE services and support

Addressing the limitations of legacy management tools.....2

An integrated platform with a consistent, logical resource model.....3

Enhanced user experience.....3

Designed for automation.....4

Why REST is important.....7

REST-based resource model.....7

Software-defined resources.....9

Resource relationships and Map View.....10

Managing infrastructure at scale.....10

Expanding interoperability to a broader range of devices.....11

HPE OneView architecture and the evolution of the existing data center.....13

Integrating Composable Infrastructure management with HPE Business Service Management.....15

HPE Operations Analytics for HPE OneView.....16

Transitioning to cloud and the software-defined data center.....18


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HPE OneView Architectural Advantages






Analyst White Paper : The business value of HPE OneView

Download The Business Value of HPE OneView
Analyst White Paper | PDF | 156 KB

Learn how HPE OneView can help you dramatically streamline and simplify your infrastructure management and IT operations processes.

电子书 : HPE OneView 入门

下载 HPE OneView 基础设施管理软件入门指南
电子书 | PDF | 3.2 MB

阅读本篇详细指南,深入了解 HPE OneView 基础设施管理软件的功能。

Data Sheet : HPE OneView eliminates infrastructure complexity with automation

alt text =
Data Sheet

Introduces the capabilities and value of using HPE OneView.

分析师报告 : The value of HPE OneView and HPE Converged Systems to a healthcare provider

alt text =

Evaluates and demonstrates the business value EMIS, a leading UK healthcare provider, realized from deploying HPE OneView and HPE Converged Systems.

白皮书 : Detailed architectural perspective on HPE OneView’s impact on data center management

alt text =

Detailed review of the impact of HPE OneView on data center management, from an architectural perspective.

視訊 : HPE OneView: Your infrastructure automation engine

alt text =
視訊 | 2:17

Break-through infrastructure management needs to deliver speed & simplicity. With software defined intelligence, HPE OneView brings new levels of automation with templates to reduce costs & accelerate operations.

案例研究 : IT service company upgrades infrastructure to improve desktop-as-a-service

alt text =

Upgrading infrastructure to improve Desktop-as-a-Service.

社群 : Find answers to your questions with the HPE OneView forum

alt text =

Find answers to your questions with the HPE OneView forum

案例研究 : Leveraging HPE OneView to provide better telecom and cable TV to Caribbean islands

alt text =

Uniting the Caribbean with HPE OneView.

案例研究 : An oil company speeds up rollout of new system initiatives with HPE OneView

alt text =

How deploying HPE OneView transform an oil company’s business.

視訊 : Explore videos and demos on key integration, deployment, and migration topics

alt text =

Explore videos and demos on key integration, deployment, and migration topics

分析师报告 : DCIM for ‘workload to watt’ analysis and software-defined infrastructure

alt text =

DCIM for ‘workload to watt’ analysis and software-defined infrastructure