Location Services

Bridge the digital/physical gap with location analytics, wayfinding, and proximity campaigns. Engage employees and customers in new ways.

Location-based Services

Boost Customer Engagement and Loyalty

Infuse your mobile app with location-based features to improve visitor engagement. Deliver indoor mapping, turn-by-turn directions, venue-specific content, and proximity-based notifications to mobile app users during their visits.

Easily Locate High Value Assets

Aruba’s asset tracking solution helps you quickly locate critical inventory like wheelchairs or pallets so you can focus on more important things. With BLE-enabled Aruba tags and your existing Aruba wireless network, deployment is fast and easy.

Aruba Asset Location-based Tracking Services
Watch How Aruba Brings Real-Time Location Services to Apps

Bring Real-Time Location Context to Your Mobile Apps

Aruba Beacons leverage Bluetooth Low-Energy (BLE) technology to power indoor location and wayfinding, proximity-aware push notifications, and other location-based mobile engagement services for enterprise venues.

Ramp Up Your Mobile Marketing

Get best-in-class Wi-Fi, location services, BYOD onboarding, custom mobile apps, and more – all in one integrated solution that’s quick and easy to deploy.

Scale Beacon Deployments Over Any Wi-Fi Network

Aruba Location Services, powered by Aruba Bluetooth Low Energy Beacons can now be centrally and remotely managed with the Aruba Sensor or over Aruba Wi-Fi.

Redefine Visitor Experiences

Using Aruba Meridian and Beacons, our Engage Partners are helping us personalize experiences – from stadiums to conference rooms – and everywhere in between.

Aruba’s Mobile Engagement Solution Takes Flight

Aruba’s Mobile Engagement Solution Takes Flight
See how Aruba’s WLAN plus Aruba Beacons, the new Aruba Sensor, and a Meridian-powered mobile app, improves operations and traveler experiences at Orlando International.

See What Our Customers Have to Say

San Francisco Museum of Modern Art

See how upgrades to Aruba Gigabit Wi-Fi and the new mobile app enhance the visitor experience and improve operations.

Shattering Wi-Fi Records at Levi’s Stadium

At the 2016 Super Bowl, 70,000 fans took 200 selfies per second, got turn-by-turn directions, and ordered drinks from their seats — all from their smartphones.

Madrid’s Oldest Museum Deploys Aruba Location Services

See how Aruba Beacons and the Museum Experience app enables visitors to get info about exhibit and museum services right on their mobile devices.


視訊 : 了解 Home Depot 如何借助 Aruba 定位服务来采用移动为先策略

Home Depot 在 Aruba 的帮助下采用移动为先策略

了解 Home Depot 如何借助 Aruba 定位服务来采用移动为先策略

文章 : 探索 Levi’s 体育馆的先进部署

探索 Levi’s 体育馆

探索 Levi’s 体育馆的先进部署

案例研究 : 了解 Aruba 千兆位 Wi-Fi + Meridian 如何使 2200 万访问者满意

Aruba 千兆位 Wi-Fi + Meridian

了解 Aruba 千兆位 Wi-Fi + Meridian 如何使 2200 万访问者满意

视频 : 观看 Meridian 应用在波特兰国际机场的应用实例

观看 Meridian 应用在波特兰国际机场的应用实例

观看 Meridian 应用在波特兰国际机场的应用实例

文章 : 了解有关 蓝牙信标 (Beacon) 的魔力的更多信息

了解有关 蓝牙信标 (Beacon) 的魔力的更多信息

了解有关 蓝牙信标 (Beacon) 的魔力的更多信息