HPE Proactive Care Service

Addendum for HPE Synergy solutions

Service overview

This addendum to the HPE Proactive Care data sheet describes HPE Proactive Care Service when purchased for HPE Synergy solutions. It details the features of supplemental services that are provided for eligible HPE Synergy products as described in the Service features table. Customers must purchase HPE Proactive Care Service on eligible HPE Synergy hardware and software configurations to be eligible for the services described in this data sheet addendum. Refer to the HPE Proactive Care Service data sheet for details regarding the service features provided under HPE Proactive Care Service.

  • Service benefits

    HPE Proactive Care for HPE Synergy builds upon HPE Proactive Care Service by providing additional service features specifically for eligible HPE Synergy solutions. Recognizing that the speed of IT now requires staff to continually acquire new knowledge and adapt quickly, HPE Proactive Care Service for HPE Synergy is designed to help you get the most from your HPE Synergy solution. It provides access to relevant HPE Synergy information and knowledge, as well as operational and technical advice as more specifically described later.

  • Specifications

    Table 1. Service features


Delivery specifications

Critical situation management

During an HPE service incident should a critical business-impacting situation be identified, HPE will invoke critical situation management processes to help minimize the business impact and accelerate resolution. Once Hewlett Packard Enterprise confirms a business outage or critical workflow interruption, technology-specific specialist resources will be engaged to drive incident resolution.

Throughout the duration of the outage incident, the specialist resources will drive technical resolution and proactively keep the Customer stakeholders informed of the status. Where identified by HPE, technical insights and opportunities will be shared to help reduce the future incident likelihood.

Tech Tips Knowledge Library

HPE provides access to an enhanced Tech Tips Knowledge Library for HPE Synergy that includes articles and videos by experts offering HPE Synergy technical best practices and functional know-how. The Tech Tips Knowledge Library helps Customers understand how to best manage and operate their HPE Synergy solution and provides information regarding emerging support trends and capabilities. These knowledge library articles are available via HPE Support Center. Articles may also be provided in response to a question or forum post, or as a link shared via an open support case.

Community forum response

HPE responds to unanswered questions raised within the official HPE Synergy community forum for products covered under this service addendum. HPE endeavors to reply to posts from entitled Customers within two business days. Where posts raise topics that should be addressed through our standard reactive support, HPE requests that formal support case be created and entered into the standard HPE Proactive Care case management processes.

General technical guidance

HPE endeavors to provide general technical guidance for Customer questions and enquiries specific to the topic areas outlined here regarding the operation and management of the Customer’s covered HPE Synergy solution. The HPE Synergy general technical guidance is available during HPE standard local business days and hours, excluding HPE holidays. Requests for general technical guidance will be treated as non-critical software incidents, as described in the HPE Proactive Care Service data sheet. When relevant, HPE will identify knowledge documents, videos, and knowledge base articles to assist with topics raised.

In addition to any limitations or exclusions set forth in this data sheet addendum, any HPE operational and technical advice will be provided specifically for the topics detailed here and only for the HPE Synergy products covered under these services:

General advice and guidance

  • Correct usage or procedures to use HPE Synergy product features
  • Assistance with identifying relevant documentation or knowledge base articles
  • HPE best practice advice to help you manage and maintain your HPE Synergy solution
  • Basic navigation and use of the HPE Synergy management interface
  • Guidance related to hypervisor interaction with HPE Synergy hardware or software

Capacity management advice

  • Advice on capacity management options based on HPE Synergy solution usage trends

Configuration support

  • Guidance with the general configuration of the HPE Synergy solution, which may include recommendations for best practice based on HPE’s operational experience
  • Guidance and advice for potential steps to help bring HPE Synergy solution into a supported configuration

Specialist chat

Customers with HPE Proactive Care on their HPE Synergy solution can initiate a chat with an HPE Synergy specialist to ask questions, get help, or access HPE Synergy technical advice. The HPE Synergy specialist chat is provided to Customers to get quick answers to technical questions about their HPE Synergy solution. Complex questions, which require detailed responses may be elevated to support incidents on an as-needed basis.

Predictive analytics assistance

HPE will provide support and advice for the setup, configuration, usage, and understanding of issues, alerts, and information provided by operational integrated product analytics, including HPE InfoSight (where supported). Where analytics provide recommendations, HPE will, on request, provide qualification of the analysis, the recommendation, and general next-best actions.

  • Prerequisites

    The Customer must purchase HPE Proactive Care on HPE Synergy hardware and software to receive the service features defined here.

  • Customer responsibilities

    In addition to those outlined in the HPE Proactive Care Service data sheet Customers are responsible for:

    • Maintaining a working administrative knowledge of HPE Synergy and virtualization technologies. The HPE best practice guidance and advice assume an operational understanding of the key concepts and they are not designed to be a replacement for foundational training on HPE Synergy or virtualization technologies.
    • Retaining their HPE Synergy software and firmware versions as recommended by HPE.
  • Service limitations

    General technical advice is limited to general usage, technical, and HPE best practice advice for HPE Synergy solutions, where there are no dependencies on specific Customer environment or deployment-unique configurations. Any specific advice required that is pertinent to the Customer’s unique implementation requirements are outside the scope of these services and may be purchased separately.

    Any HPE recommendations, best practices, or general advice provided are based upon information provided by the Customer with the intention to assist them. Any implementation of HPE recommendations or best practices is outside the scope of these services. Any guidance and advice on network configuration are limited to the configuration within the hardware, software, and virtualization layers of the HPE Synergy solution.

    Exclusions that apply to the HPE general technical advice include, but are not limited, to the following:

    • Any architecture optimization, performance tuning, and performance-related issues
    • Non-standard usage of HPE Synergy hardware or software, or usage thereof in contradiction with HPE’s recommendations
    • Support of third-party hardware or software running on, or connected to, an HPE Synergy solution
    • Formal or informal training of technical concepts (including virtualization) required to administer the HPE Synergy solutions
  • Service eligibility

    The HPE Synergy solution must be a supported HPE hardware configuration running HPE Synergy software and covered by an active HPE Proactive Care Service agreement. The service requires that all hardware, hardware options, and software be covered by the HPE Proactive Care Service. This means that all parts of the HPE Synergy solution need to have the same service level. HPE Proactive Care (including HPE Proactive Care for HPE Synergy) is not designed to be purchased on software-only configurations due to the integrated nature of the service deliverables. Thus, all the software and hardware in the solution should be purchased with the same HPE Proactive Care Service level.

  • General provisions / other exclusions

    This service is designed for Customers who need general operational and technical guidance on an ongoing basis.

    The HPE Synergy general technical advice services are provided during HPE standard workdays, excluding weekend days and HPE holidays, and during country-specific standard HPE business hours.