HPE Technology-Specific Training Credits allow you to buy training units for a specific technology of your choice.

Instead of specific classes under one product number, you can buy training units for a particular technology (for example, for Cloud or for Security), so you don’t have to plan upfront about which specific courses you’ll need or who should attend and where and when to attend. That gives you real flexibility to make the training decisions that are best for your organization.

Typically, HPE Technology-Specific Training Credits are purchased along with the Hewlett Packard Enterprise products they support, in one single transaction—which reduces the workload on procurement and allows you to match training with the respective IT investments

You get a prepaid training account that you can redeem, available whenever you need it for topics like cloud, security, HPE ProLiant, HP-UX, HPE Storage, and HPE Networking and more.

Your Training Credits are available to book for a full year after the date of purchase.

If you choose to use your HPE Technology-Specific Training Credits outside of the portfolio you purchased, then the courses will be redeemed based upon the monetary value of the course rather than the number of days.

The duration of the Training Credits is 12 months; all training must be scheduled prior to expiration of your applicable 12 month period. Once purchased, HPE will provide you with information regarding the start and end date of the 12 month ordering period in which you are required to redeem funds from your Training Credits. “Refills” can be purchased any time during this period; however, those funds are subject to the same expiration date.

Any unused funds at expiration of your 12 month ordering period are forfeited and no extension beyond expiration is permitted.


HPE Training Credits ProLiant & CDI

Attend training as you need it. There is no need to know student names, dates or even locations in advance.

Lock in budget dollars by pre-purchasing training credits while funding is available.

Minimize the time and effort spent on purchasing and managing training throughout the year. A single purchasing transaction sets up your HPE Training Credits. Once in place, students simply enroll for classes as needed—no additional funding, purchase orders or approvals are required.