Simplify your Linux Experience

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HPE Linux Software Delivery Repository Screencast

The HPE Linux Software Delivery Repository (SDR) hosts yum and apt repositories for Linux-related software packages.

Simplify your Linux experience

Today, everything is connected, immediate and mission-critical . To gain competitive advantage, you must exceed customer expectations by mixing proprietary  with open source technologies to deliver exactly  what your business needs, precisely when it’s needed.

We provide a broad range of efficient and cost-effective Linux operating system support, products and services to help achieve your business goals.

Simplify your HPE Linux experience in 3 easy steps:
Step 1 - Check out Linux support and minimums for ProLiant servers
Step 2 - Obtain the latest Linux software for ProLiant servers
Step 3 - Get more information on Linux

Real Time Linux

Enterprises looking to reduce latency and increase throughput of time-sensitive applications are adopting real time Linux operating environments. Securities exchanges, for example, benefit from increased consistency of client access experience due to elimination of outliers.

Hewlett Packard Enterprise sells and support standard Linux distributions but does not directly resell any real time Linux operating systems. Instead, we work with the leading Linux distribution vendors to optimize their Real Time Linux extensions on select ProLiant servers. We also provide low latency tuning advice, critical for gaining the full benefit from the Real-Time Operating System (RTOS), and a test utility to verify the minimum jitter is present.

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