Are your data centers struggling to find the right balance of performance, flexibility, and density for traditional workloads. Delivering an agile and efficient IT infrastructure requires the transformation of traditionally rigid physical systems into intelligent flexible physical or virtual resource pools. HPE Synergy Composable Compute resources creates a pool of flexible compute capacity that can be configured almost instantly to rapidly provision infrastructure for a broad range of applications. The HPE Synergy 480 Gen10 Compute Module delivers an efficient and flexibility two-socket workhorse to support most demanding workloads. Powered by Intel® Xeon® Scalable Family of processors, up to 3TB DDR4, more storage capacity and controllers and a variety of GPU options within a composable architecture. HPE Synergy 480 Gen10 Compute Module is the ideal platform for general-purpose enterprise workload performance now and in the future.


  • The most secure server with exclusive HPE Silicon Root of Trust. Protect your applications and assets against downtime associated with hacks and viruses.
  • More customer choice for greater performance and flexibility with Intel Xeon Scalable Family of processors on the Synergy 480 Gen10 architecture
  • Intelligent System Tuning with processor smoothing and workloads matching to improve processor throughput/overall performance up to 8% over previous generation.
  • Max memory 3TB (with 128 GB DIMMs available 2H17) for larger in-memory database and analytic applications.
  • New hybrid Smart Array for both RAID and HBA zoning in a single controller; internal M.2 storage options that add boot flexibility and additional local storage capacity.
  • Improve the user experience in engineering and analytical applications with GPU expansion supporting up to 768 concurrent knowledge worker density in a 10U rack space.


Composable and Software Defined

The HPE Synergy 480 Gen10 Compute Module delivers more choice for performance, capacity, efficiency, and flexibility to power most workloads with support for the full range of Intel® Xeon® Scalable Family processors in a 1S or 2S form factor.

Composable compute resource that is intelligently auto-discovered, provisioned easily and managed seamlessly. Synergy Composability simplifies IT operations and reduces overprovisioning costs.

RESTful API and integration with an ecosystem of composable infrastructure partners provides broad options for 3rd party integration, protecting key existing investments.

Ideal Performance for General Purpose Workloads

The HPE Synergy Gen10 Compute Module provides a 25% performance increase over previous generation with 1 or 2 processors (up to 205W).

11% increase in memory speeds with a wide range of memory sizes for Registered and Load Reduced DDR4 DIMMs.

2.5x increase in compute and network connectivity speed gets your data where it's needed faster.

Up to 50% performance improvement in random read IOPs in storage controllers.

Up to 768 concurrent knowledge workers in a 10U space with HPE Graphic Acceleration options and expansion modules to drive larger scale VDI workloads.

Flexible and Secure

HPE Synergy 480 Gen10 Compute Module provides flexible enterprise solutions that allow IT to quickly and confidently implement changes through intelligent template-based operations, reducing downtime and errors from manual operations.

Unmatched threat protection with Hardware Root of Trust and unique chain of trust architecture to protect, detect and recover firmware.

Intelligent System Tuning to smooth performance and match customer workloads

Up to 3 mezzanine options with I/O flexibility for redundancy in high availability use case requirements.

Up to 200 zoned drives per storage controller and Hybrid RAID/HBA Smart Array to make your controller investment more effective.

  • Intel® is a trademark of Intel Corporation in the U.S. and other countries. Xeon® is a trademark of Intel Corporation in the U.S. and other countries.