HPE StoreEver Data Verification Software proactively validates and scans, non-disruptively, the quality of data stored on LTO tape cartridges. Scanning and validating infrequently accessed tapes enables a successful restore is possible when critical business data is needed. HPE StoreEver Data Verification Software is fully integrated into the HPE StoreEver Command View for Tape Libraries Software providing a single-pane-of-glass management platform.


  • HPE StoreEver Data Verification now supports LTO-8 technology.
  • HPE StoreEver Data Verification now supports LTO-7 Type M media.
  • HPE StoreEver Data Verification is now available with the new HPE StoreEver MSL3040 Tape Library.


Proactively validate your archived data non-disruptively

Scan infrequently accessed LTO tapes to verify health of tape cartridges as well as the data stored on those tapes.

Improve reliability and reduce the risk of restore failure.

Scan without interrupting host applications.

Protect all tape cartridges, active and vaulted archived media, with the same license (per 100 cartridge slots).

La vérification des données fournit de manière pro-active un rapport automatique avec la liste des bandes dégradées qui doivent être migrées.