Vous rencontrez des difficultés pour trouver la combinaison parfaite de stockage flash et d'analyses prédictives ? Les baies All Flash HPE Nimble Storage associent une architecture optimisée pour le flash avec les analyses prédictives HPE InfoSight pour un accès rapide et fiable aux données et une disponibilité garantie à 99,9999 %.1 Très simples à déployer et à utiliser, les baies sont compatibles cloud et confèrent une mobilité des données vers le cloud via HPE Cloud Volumes. L’investissement en stockage que vous réalisez aujourd’hui vous sera utile pendant longtemps, grâce à notre technologie et à nos innovations économiques. Les baies All Flash HPE Nimble Storage disposent d’une licence tout compris, d’une fonction de mise à niveau simplifiée et d’options de paiement flexibles – tout en étant également pérennes pour les nouvelles technologies comme NVMe et SCM.


Predictive Analytics

HPE Nimble Storage All Flash Arrays automatically predict and resolve 86% of problems before you even know there is an issue.4

Transforms the support experience through cloud-based predictive analytics and Level 3-only support.

Holistic view across the infrastructure stack to resolve problems beyond just storage.

Simplifies planning with prescriptive forecasts into capacity, performance, and bandwidth requirements.

Makes infrastructure smarter and more reliable by learning from the installed base.

Radical Simplicity

HPE Nimble Storage All Flash Arrays are simple to deploy use, and manage.

This product is cloud-ready and deploys flash on-premises or in the cloud with common data services and mobility between all-flash, adaptive flash, and HPE Cloud Volumes.

HPE Nimble Storage All Flash Arrays are future-proofed for NVMe and SCM. The offering comes with a satisfaction guarantee, all-inclusive software licensing, flat support pricing, replacing all the hardware for upgrades, and an option to receive a free faster controller upgrade after three years.

Radically easy to integrate with many ecosystems and has a deep integration with VMware®, Microsoft® applications, Oracle, Veeam, and others.

Fast and reliable

HPE Nimble Storage All Flash Arrays are scale-to-fit. They scale-up performance and capacity independently and non-disruptively; and scale out to four arrays managed as one for increased flexibility.

Up to 5X or more data reduction from variable block inline deduplication and compression.2

Backup and disaster recovery (DR) from all-flash to adaptive flash arrays at one-third the cost.

Data reduction, snapshots, and Triple+ Parity RAID with no performance impact.

Sub-millisecond response time for performance-sensitive enterprise workloads.

Absolute Resiliency

HPE Nimble Storage All Flash Arrays has 99.9999% guaranteed availability.

Triple+ Parity RAID can handle three simultaneous drive failures and provides additional protection through intra-drive parity.

App-granular, FIPS-certified encryption provides data-at-rest and over-the-wire protection. Data shredding is built-in.

Native application-consistent snapshots and replication, as well as integration with leading backup software.

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