How do you eliminate web-malware even before it enters your network? The HPE Complete Cyberinc Solution that consists of Isla Web Malware Isolation Platform, installed on HPE Servers, delivers complete web freedom to all internet users. Isla uses an innovative isolation approach against web-based malware threats. Daily, more sophisticated web malware is introduced and IT teams can never keep pace using traditional detect-and-respond approaches. Isla prevents all web malware from even entering your firewall. Its innovative hypervisor-based isolation technology isolates and contains all potential malware from compromising the endpoints. Isla is deployed in the DMZ outside the firewall thus isolating all untrusted web code, and web malware from entering the corporate network, without any impact on the browsing experience. Isla accomplishes this by converting all web content into harmless pixel streams, seamlessly supporting the rich content and interactivity that today’s websites render.


Complete Security from Web Malware - Removing Complexity and Boosting Productivity

HPE Complete Cyberinc Solution secures network and end points from all web malware driven cyber attacks.

It provides complete protection against browser-based attacks via web, Email, or file downloads.

Its patent-pending technology provides layered protection and deep isolation to power a highly secure web browsing experience.

The simplified Architectural approach removes ever-growing complexity of detect and response.

Provides improved productivity of IT staff while greatly reducing organizational risk of cyber attacks while drastically lowering the threat vector for organizations.

Seamless User Experience While Enjoying Complete Isolation from Malware Risk

The HPE Complete Cyberinc AI-powered Isla Air-Gap protocol actively adapts to content, network, and display considerations and helps ensure an optimal, seamless and transparent user experience.

Isla can be deployed with a Zero-Client to retain the power and productivity benefits of a standard browser experience while gaining the benefits of isolation-based security.

The available Isla Viewer, is a separate secure browser for highly security conscious organizations to further reduce the security exposure by eliminating any browser extensions or add-ons that increase organizational risk.

It supports cookie retention, user-specific bypass list, cross-application copy-paste, bookmarks, secure download, and more to help ensure optimal user experience and productivity.

Easy to Scale, While Retaining Centralized Control, Monitoring and Intelligence

The HPE Complete Cyberinc Solution platform can expand to cover a team, department or the entire enterprise easily, add users, and rapidly scale capacity based on your enterprise’s needs.

Scale from hundreds to thousands of users with automated load balancing and fail-over, while retaining centralized control and monitoring.

Use Isla Control Center for simplified deployment and management of Isla appliances across the enterprise, a single point of administration and control to deploy, manage and enable load-balancing.

Administrators can configure user profiles and access limits, bypass trusted sites and applications, monitor user behavior, generate executive reports, and more.

Isla supports all major platforms, including Windows®, macOS and Linux®.

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