Are you planning to build a cloud storage offering and trying to avoid stumbling blocks and create a scalable, robust and cost-effective architecture? Cloud storage is rapidly changing how organizations build, manage and deliver data services. Large clouds are now being built by enterprises who are transforming into IT-as-a-Service providers, as well as service providers that now offer cloud services to business customers who no longer want to manage IT. The HPE Complete CTERA Solution offers next-generation Cloud Storage Services that transform HPE Server based Cloud Solution offerings into a wide variety of managed file services. This enables organizations to serve, protect and collaborate on file-based data, like never before. This joint solution offers great customer ease and convenience like you would find in a public cloud solution, but without risking data security, compromising regulatory compliance, or creating uncontrolled costs from unmanaged growth.


Unified Data Storage Services

The HPE Complete CTERA provides an enterprise-grade enterprise file sync and share (EFSS) platform for enterprises to sync and share their files with reduced worries about security and data ownership.

Create a comprehensive, scalable storage solution with integrated network attached storage, file sharing, and cloud backup for disaster recovery.

Eliminate the complexity and cost of traditional IT backup with “self-service” end-point backup and recovery for roaming users and remote offices.

Remote office and branch employees enjoy fast local storage, without the complexity of having to locally manage legacy file servers, backup systems, deduplication tools, and inefficient storage silos.

Backup and Recovery

The HPE Complete CTERA provides end-point backup and recovery for in cloud virtual machines and roaming users where data is sent direct-to-cloud, while remote office desktops and servers leverage CTERA Cloud Storage Gateways to minimize WAN latency.

Provides cloud storage gateways with integrated NAS, file sharing and cloud backup capabilities for disaster recovery, creating a comprehensive and centrally managed solution that does away with legacy file servers, backup systems, deduplication tools and inefficient silos of storage.

Solution covers multiple platforms and use cases, avoiding the complexity and cost of traditional IT backup.

Enterprise File Services

The HPE Complete CTERA provides next-generation file collaboration tools that enable file access anywhere and sharing from mobile.

Delivers exceptional mixed-load performance with the ability to scale to billions of objects or files for millions of concurrent users.

Managed via CTERA Portal, the solution allows enterprises and service providers to offer sync services for mobile users, desktops, virtual desktops and gateways, simplifying enterprise secure file sharing.

No system downtime due to hardware failures, maintenance windows or system upgrades.