Want to better manage your secondary data?
The HPE Complete Cohesity Solution provides a web-scale data management platform that consolidates all secondary storage and data services onto one unified, efficient solution. The majority of enterprise data consists of secondary data: backups, files, objects, test copies, and analytics data. It is fragmented across a patchwork of point appliances, which typically include dedupe appliances, backup servers, filers, and data lakes. Not only is secondary storage complex to manage, but data has to be copied and stored across storage silos, all of which drives excessive total cost of ownership. The solution simplifies data protection, consolidates file and object services, provides instant access to test/dev copies, and supports in-place search and analytics. The hyperconverged platform coupled with HPE ProLiant platforms provides a holistic solution that advances user operations, enhances reliability and radically reduces cost and complexity.


Scale-able Cost Effective Solution

The HPE Complete Cohesity Solution is a scale-out platform that provides linear pay-as-you-grow scalability and always-on availability, while eliminating the need for data migrations and forklift upgrades.

Distributed file and object interfaces: Distributed NFS, SMB and S3 to consolidate files and objects.

Maximize space efficiency with global dedupe, compression, and erasure coding.

Cloud integration: Native integration with all the leading public clouds (AWS, Google Cloud Platform, Microsoft® Azure®) for archival, tiering and replication.

Copy data management: Zero-cost, unlimited snapshots and clones with instant access to quickly provision test/dev copies. In-place analytics: Analytics, content-indexing and global file-level search.

Improved Data Protection

The HPE Complete Cohesity Solution offers a converged backup and recovery solution that runs on DataPlatform.

Simple data protection: Replace multiple data protection silos (target storage, media servers, master servers, cloud gateways) with a simple converged solution managed through a single pane of glass.

Instantaneous RTO and sub-5 minute RPO: Provide fast RPOs and RTOs by keeping each backup as a fully hydrated, always-ready snapshot.

Application integrations: Tight integration with VMware for app-consistent backup of vSphere VMs. Support for physical Windows® and Linux® servers, SQL and Oracle® databases, and NAS filers. Integration with Pure Storage for automatic tiering of Pure snapshots.

Ease of Use

The HPE Complete Cohesity Solution eliminates secondary storage silos and consolidates backups, files, objects, test/dev, and analytics data.

Control all your secondary data operations with converged data protection, automated DR and cloud migration, and DevOps automation.

Create a single data fabric that spans from the edge to the cloud. Enable data and application mobility across multicloud environments.

Making Your Data Productive

The HPE Complete Cohesity Solution integrates natively with all the leading public clouds for data archival, tiering and replication.

Eliminate the need to manage multiple silos, and converge your files and object storage on the same platform used for your data protection.

Cohesity provides developers with instantaneous access to zero-cost copies of your VM and database backups. Replace traditional test/dev storage with Cohesity and eliminate the cost and effort of creating copies across silos.