Office in a Box

What is an Office in a Box?

An Office in a Box is a ready-made package including technology and materials, such as a computer, printer, malware protection, and a variety of resources that empower employees to work remotely while maintaining a professional-grade experience.

What’s involved in small office deployments?

With the key purpose of small office deployments found in functionality, promoting a high level of work produced requires many products and technologies.

· The critical element to small office deployments is a server bundle. Without a server, small businesses are extremely restricted in workload support. When businesses are outfitted with a small office server, they can deploy in branches or remote offices and assume a powerful point-of-sale platform. Providing support and essential reliability for a data environment, servers are critical for small office deployment scenarios.

· Another essential aspect to small office deployment is a secure network. Either wired or wireless networks are sufficient, depending on which will further benefit the business environment.

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· Remote desktop services (RDS) can also play an important role in small office deployments, as it guarantees that IT can remote in for necessary administrative requirements and updates, enhances collaboration through better connectivity, and boosts control through simple management for IT departments.

· Finally, backup and storage are absolutely necessary to successful small office deployments. With the ability to restore your data environment, backups are critical, ensuring as little interruption as possible.

What’s included in an Office in a Box?

An Office in a Box is designed to improve employee experiences and productivity. Components can include:

· A personal computer for employees. This is essential to empowering remote work, as employees need a workstation that is as flexible as their lifestyle or work environment demands.

· A printer is often included. Many jobs require print, fax, copy, and mail capabilities. A printer that allows for easy wireless access is optimal for productivity and efficiency.

· Firewalls and anti-virus security are necessary to keep workstations and confidential information secure. IT departments must provide protection to employees as they access networks from anywhere in the world.

· Support available during working hours (at a minimum) is generally available. Help desks and IT teams are vital to promote ultimate efficiency within this type of working environment.

· Remote monitoring is another element essential to employee success. Without the ability of IT to remotely access workstations, many issues would go unresolved, or become compounded issues and threats to the security of the workstation and the data environment.

HPE and Office in a Box

HPE Solutions for Small Office Deployment is an IT foundation that’s simple to purchase, deploy, and manage. Implementing a server that enables remote access to on-premises resources can improve employee productivity—especially when they need to work from home.

Giving customers what they need begins with the HPE ProLiant MicroServer Gen10 Plus Office in a Box. The new MicroServer outperforms its competition, validating HPE Small Office Deployment solutions that deliver enterprise-grade capacity. And as customers demand remote-digital experiences, enterprise organizations need to ensure high-quality, secure connections. Evolving to hybrid cloud is easy with HPE Small Office Deployment solutions. Paired with Aruba Instant On wireless networking and the HPE RDX Removable Disk System, there opportunities are endless.