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Move to a new style of TV consumption

In the course of the last five years, TV consumption has changed drastically. Viewers nowadays expect to watch TV anywhere, any time, from any type of device. 

nDVR service, a must have service

Recording is still ranked as the second most attractive service after live (1).  However, traditional PVR services with a local set-top box (STB) based hard drive are outdated. Today, the new type of TV consumer expects to record and consume TV on the go from any device, with choice of live and on-demand videos. 

Boost your customer retention

As a Multiplatform Video Programming Distributor, launching Network Digital Video Recording (nDVR) services will allow you increase customer stickiness by leveraging the power of the cloud with infinite scalability and elasticity to manage recordings. It will also help you to optimize total cost of your customers’ equipment and associated support. 

Make it work with HPE At HPE, we help Multiplatform Video Programming Distributors deploy powerful nDVR services.