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HPE Video Optimization

With HPE speed Video Optimizer reduce bandwith, not quality.

Video traffic explosion impacts costly infrastructures

Reduce bandwith, not quality.


Video optimization in action.

As more advanced forms of compression are developed, services providers and content producers expend significant investment to upgrade video compression encoders and decoders. This is necessary, as storage and transmission bandwidth is costly, whether it’s satellite transponder or broadband wirelines or wireless. At the same time, there’s an explosive growth in the volume and variety of video content that consumers demand.

HPE SpeedVideo Optimizer drives bandwidth savings.

You can take a significant bite out of these costs with HPE SpeedVideo Optimizer - without requiring changes to the architecture or encoder/decoder infrastructure. Through a combination of several patented processes, it takes video input and performs an advanced form of “prefiltering” before encoding, to remove compression artifacts, noise, and other common artifacts. HPE SpeedVideo Optimizer’s removal of these enables a standard, already-installed video encoder and decoder infrastructure to realize a substantial gain in bitrate and bandwidth efficiency resulting in a 20% to 30% or more bandwidth savings with no impact to the visual quality.

HPE SpeedVideo Optimizer:

  • Removes excess film grain
  • Removes digital camera “shot-noise” artifacts
  • Eliminates excess chroma noise added from upstream tape duplication processes
  • Removes high-frequency “mosquito noise” and ringing artifacts from upstream compressors
  • Reduces noise and compression artifacts from upstream sources before retransmission


This results in:

  • Considerable bandwidth reduction required to encode HDTV and SDTV at the same quality
  • No required changes to the existing encoder or decoder infrastructure
  • No motion-blurring or color-banding artifacts are introduced into the video, unlike other bandwidth reduction processes
  • Suitable for use in an HD-SDI broadcast chain or CDN or IPTV environment
  • Immediate return-on-investment