HPE Intelligent WiFi Interoperability

Making WiFi a seamless extension of the carrier business

Adopt a modular, flexible, integrated framework   

Our Intelligent WiFi solutions include a robust set of modules to enable all aspects of WiFi offloading – from hotspots to business intelligence – encompassing the WiFi Access Gateway, authentication, policy control and charging.

We offer a modular, cross-domain, integrated solution framework for carrier WiFi based on our products, knowledge, capabilities and integrated services approach.

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Maximize WiFi – Gain a modular business evolution with HPE Intelligent WiFi offload (PDF 855 KB)

Use WiFi technology to offload data traffic volumes

The use of WiFi technology is a growing trend among Communications Service Providers (CSPs) worldwide due to its compelling cost-efficiency. To integrate WiFi technology into your offerings, you need well-managed quality of service (QoS), transparent handover transitions, appropriate security services and integrated charging capabilities.

To take full advantage of WiFi technology, we help streamline operators’ business processes, whether the WiFi network stands on its own or belongs to another third party operator.

Our Intelligent WiFi offload solutions rely on numerous products and capabilities across HPE to define a broad, modular software and hardware framework that includes:

  • WiFi access network provides a complete range of LAN (local area network) equipment for the access network including WiFi access points and controllers as well as access and aggregation switches and routers, enabling solutions that scale from the size of a small retail location to a sports stadium.
  • Gateway and switching is a core layer of the HPE Intelligent WiFi Offload solution where the packet data gateway links WiFi traffic to the data network, tunneling data to help provide security and protection against service attacks and subscriber identity theft.
  • Authentication and routing methods identify users who need to connect on WiFi, including HSS core network elements and deep packet inspection (DPI) function, to collect and use information for further business analysis.
  • Data logical layer stores subscriber data for analytics and business intelligence.
  • Policies and rules dictate hotspot network selection, Policy Control Rule Function (PCRF) and Real Time Charging (RTC) rules to determine where business analytics reside.

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