HPE I-HSS: integrated HLR+HSS+AAA

Delivering seamless subscriber mobility across heterogeneous networks

Integrated subscriber data management for 2G,3G, 4G/LTE, WiFi and IMS networking

Mobile network operators (MNO) continue to expand into multi-technology, multigenerational networks such as with 3G, 4G-LTE, and Wi-Fi, yet they must continue to provide subscribers a consistent service experience regardless of the network to which they are connected or roaming into. The key for this, is the ability to authenticate subscriber identity across networks. Subscriber identity needs to be managed centrally, irrespective of the network the subscriber is connected to at that moment. 

HPE I-HSS is a fully featured Subscriber Data Management (SDM) function that is based on User Data Convergence (UDC) architecture. With a network agnostic architecture, subscriber identity is continuously carried over no matter which access method is used, allowing delivery of an undisrupted service experience. 

Learn how HPE I-HSS can streamline your Integration of Heterogeneous Networks
Subscribers are connecting via different access methods using multiple devices. Integrated subscriber data management allows operators to control their service delivery in real time, regardless of the network involved.


Across five continents and in over 35 countries, hundreds of millions of wireless subscribers currently rely on HPE I-HSS technology for their mobile services.

HPE I-HSS empowers your network evolution, now and in the future to:

  • Reduce operating expenses (OPEX) associated with concurrent management of legacy and next-generation subscribers by consolidating data access and applications.
  • Move to a standards based approach that does not tie your future network evolution to a specific network vendor.
  • Gain access to implementation and support by a team of experienced HPE engineers familiar with your specific network and systems configuration.



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