HPE eIUM - enhanced Interactive Unified Mediation

Real-time Mediation, Policy and Charging platform

Speed up time-to-market of new services and content

Whether delivering traditional voice and data services, consolidating legacy systems or evolving to Next Generation or Cloud services with Diameter based control, our eIUM offers an open, standards-based path to the future, with cost-effective scalability and integrability with revenue management processes.

HPE eIUM is fully available is a variety of deployment options, including as a Virtual Network Function (VNF), and is a key element of our OpenNFV architecture.

A robust, globally-proven billing mediation solution

HPE eIUM delivers charging control and session management to instantly authorize and charge for services in existing and next generation networks. With various charging scenarios, you can profit from these services faster and with less risk.

With more than 160 customer deployments around the world, HPE eIUM's flexible, modular, standards-based foundation supports many deployment scenarios for phased evolution to next generation services and IMS. It provides data to customer intelligence, fraud, revenue assurance, service delivery and compliance solutions, with key features like:

  • Processing and comprehensive usage collection for voice, data, content and multimedia services.
  • Consolidates mediation tasks enterprise wide to reduce operations cost and complexity.
  • Handles growth with benchmarked high performance and scalability.


Solution Brief : HPE Internet Usage Manager (IUM) Real-time Charging and Next-Generation Mediation

Solution Brief

HPE Internet Usage Manager (IUM) Real-time charging and next-generation mediation