Digital Services Enablement

Boost your business, simplify your life, and satisfy your customers

Digital Services Enablement solutions make it easier to build and deliver applications and services that incorporate network and big data assets, and revenue-sharing partnerships with developers and content communities. Our solutions allow you to capitalize on the two key business drivers: improving service development and exposing network and big data assets for third-party developers through proper API Management, service creation and execution environment. With our solutions, you play a central role in the value ecosystem made of customers, application providers and OTT players. With Digital Services Enablement solutions, we create an attractive environment where it is easy for your partners to build new Digital Services leveraging your network and big data assets, and for you to sell bundles of home-grown and partners’ digital services to the market, through a Digital Services Store, which enables you to address retail-based business models as well as resell-based business models.


Digital Services Store

The Digital Services Store provides all of the key functions needed to create a rich catalog of bundles of digital services, spanning cloud services to smart business services, publish it on a marketplace portal and let customers discover and subscribe to the services in a self-services, cart-based model. Acting as a mediation layer between the partners’ ecosystem, the services they offer and your customers, the Digital Service Store also allows you to address wholesale/reseller markets with your Digital Service portfolios.


Advanced Interactions Enablement

To help CSP to become Digital Services Providers, we facilitate the creation of new services with the Advanced Interactions Enablement solution that takes the user experience beyond outdated telephony when calling to a call center, or traditional mobile applications when navigating through a consumer site. By integrating converged web and digital communication, facilitating the creation of real time subscriber interactions using big data and analytics, we are equipping developers for the agility and efficiency of service development in a manner that is conducive to the customers.


API Management for Network and Big Data

API Management for Network and Big Data solution enables you to address retail-based business models and wholesale-based business models, and showcase telecom capabilities to third parties. This solution allows you to capitalize on the two key business drivers: improving internal service development and exposing Big Data, network assets, and analytics outputs for third-party developers through proper API Management. You will get new revenue streams, collaborate with Over the Top players and improve your customer experience.


IoT Applications Enablement

The IoT Application Enablement solution eases and secures access to data, and enables smart interactions to anyone and across anything. It allows advanced monetization models, especially fine-tuned for IoT and cloud-based offerings and supports mashup for new content creation, providing additional insight by combining embedded IoT data with internal and external data from other systems. IoT revenues from IoT services leverage context-based interactions. It significantly reduces the time to develop and scale interactive IoT applications utilizing a re-usable catalog of micro-services and a service composer.

Through its Business Consulting practice specially focused on the Communications industry, HPE helps Communication Service Providers (CSPs) shape their cloud market strategy:

  • Identify the best service portfolio and commercial offer given the CSPs’ specific market conditions
  • Differentiate CSPs’ offering from the competition
  • Evaluate the business case
  • Periodically review the business case, to measure the actual strategy execution and eventually re-shape it

The Cloud Business Strategy Workshop for Communication Services Providers is the first step of a comprehensive cloud consulting offer that helps you define and clarify your strategy for public cloud business.


  • HPE Aggregation Platform for SaaS (HPE AP4SaaS) accelerates the deployment of Software as a Service (SaaS), Platform as a Service (PaaS) and Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS).
    • SaaS can be rapidly on-boarded through a set of REST APIs or through ad hoc software adaptors. Integration with popular SaaS-enabled business applications is already available out of the box.
    • IaaS and PaaS are available through pre-integration with the HPE Helion Managed Cloud
  • HPE Smart Interaction Server enables mobile and web real-time, bidirectional, presence-based interactions for “everything.” It has a web-based Application Designer with a catalog of re-usable components for designing and running smart interaction rules leveraging activity streams.
  • HPE API Management Service Orchestration Manager orchestrates services with business rules, mashup creation, and a callable decision engine.
  • HPE API Management Service Governance Framework securely exposes, manages, and governs network and third-party resources access.
  • HPE SGF Partner Relationship Management provides a partner and developer portal for easy and secured API leverage.