Applications and Cloud Enablement Solutions

Benefit from the new digital economy

Bridging Network and Digital Services

Communication Service Providers can leverage their end-to-end networks, customer base, front and back-office assets by offering enterprise-class network and digital services that are easy to procure and use. The HPE Network and Digital Services portfolio helps CSPs modernize and enhance their network services, and expand their portfolio with the creation of digital services to become Digital Service Providers.

To address the end-to-end development and deployment of these digital services, the Network and Digital Services domain proposes a four stage approach:


Consolidate Service Platforms and transform them with Virtual Network Functions

HPE will facilitate the migration of your legacy network service and service delivery platforms into an all IP infrastructure and Virtual Network Functions (VNF) to support the emerging Network Function Virtualization (NFV) deployment. This will allow you to reduce the cost of ownership of your Value Added Services (VAS), Service Delivery Platform (SDP) or SIM Management Platform with migration to an all IP or NFV infrastructure.


Empower developers in the creation of new services by exposing IoT, network and big data APIs

HPE provides access to these platform functions through APIs and tools helping developer and third party teams create new revenue generating services by exposing network and big data APIs.


Enable SIM and device compliance and management

HPE enables digital services to meet compliance, security, performance, and operations requirements on SIM cards, Internet Of Things (IoT)/Machine to Machine (M2M) and mobile devices for a full carrier grade operation that enables the access to digital services.


Create new business models with a marketplace

HPE allows you to monetize services and APIs with differentiating IoT and cloud service bundles on a marketplace portal.


A winning strategy for CSPs

This strategy will allow you to reduce your operation costs through modernization and consolidation of your platforms, maintain your current value added services, increase your revenue streams with new digital services, and facilitate your operations with cloud exposure, device enablement and access control of these services.

HPE Network and Digital Services value proposition is two-fold:

  • HPE will help you maintain the rock-solid foundation of your current network services with their transformation to NFV and all IP.
  • We will help you capture these new Digital Services revenues by providing you with a Cloud and IoT application enablement solution but also help you to modernize your digital assets.


Network Applications solutions enable you to transform your VAS portfolio, infrastructure and business models for the digital life services age. The Network Applications portfolio includes service creation and service execution environments that helps you to consolidate your voice, video and intelligent network services to significantly reduce operational expenses, simplify migration of existing services to next generation network, ease services modification, and modernize infrastructure for richer IP-based communication, and Web real-time communication.


With SIM and Device Management, HPE covers the complete cycle of new device introduction within your network. For example, it enables provisioning and managing new SIMs including eUICC, MSISDN number and IMSI profile with Dynamic SIM Provisioning (DSP), and checks the compliance of mobile devices attaching to networks with Device Compliance Management, for both consumer and IoT devices, or managing consumer devices and their capabilities with Mobile Device Management (MDM).


The Digital Services Enablement solutions make it easier to build and deliver applications and services that incorporate network assets and revenue-sharing partnerships with developer and content communities. They enable you to address retail-based and resell-based business models, and enable IoT capabilities for third parties.