Actionable Customer Intelligence

Leverage your most valuable asset for targeted service and network monetization.

Personalize your customers’ experience

Your existing customer data has the power to increase satisfaction, prevent churn and grow revenue. With the HPE Actionable Customer Intelligence (ACI) solution, you can:

  • Build a single, easily viewed and secure customer profile.
  • Analyze trends for true understanding of each customer’s preferences.
  • Act with personalized offers to improve customer experience.

Get control of your customer intelligence and let it work for you to monetize enriched services, conduct targeted promotions and campaigns. As well as control congestion and offer virtual profile exchange with third-parties to enhance your position in the value chain.

HPE Subscriber Data Management (SDM)

Enables service providers to offer richer, highly specialized services to their customers. Consolidates and enhances mobility data for reliable, high-quality service.

HPE Telecom Analytics

Transform data into valuable, monetizable and actionable information.

HPE Mediation, Policy and Charging

Deliver personalized services and enhance business decisions through real-time subscriber, network and application policy.

HPE Revenue Intelligence (CentralView)

Protect, optimize and enhance revenue streams.