HPE Helion-Ready Programme

Partner programme for HPE Helion OpenStack® and HPE Helion Stackato

Ready. Certify. Grow.

The HPE Helion-Ready Programme for OpenStack® technology offers hardware vendors and solution providers a way to test and certify their products with HPE Helion OpenStack, and become a part of our rapidly expanding ecosystem. This programme allows your customers to confidently deploy HPE Helion OpenStack in heterogeneous environments with hardware and software solutions that are certified and supported.

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Get your piece of the enterprise cloud.

Get your Piece of the Enterprise Cloud

HPE Helion appeals to enterprises and service providers looking to obtain real value from hybrid IT. The HPE Helion-Ready programme gives you the opportunity to certify once, and then sell solutions to an enterprise customer base across all cloud distribution models – including public, private, and managed clouds.

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Earn Recognition with the "HPE Helion Ready" Badge

Certified hardware and software will be awarded an "HPE Helion Ready" badge to use for marketing purposes per the specified terms and conditions in the Programme Agreement. The badge represents that the hardware or software is certified to work with HPE Helion OpenStack, is supported by the third-party vendor, and comes with the confidence of being backed by HPE.

Exponentially Expand your Reach

Hardware and software that has earned the "HPE Helion Ready" badge can be sold to an expansive base of enterprise customers. The large global HPE Sales team and prospective enterprise customers can discover certified software and hardware through the HPE Helion Ready ISV Solution Catalog and the list of supported hardware. Additionally, HPE Sales will recognise the badge as representing qualified hardware and software and potentially include them in enterprise sales conversations.

Start the Process of Winning HPE Helion OpenStack Customers Today

Find out how to certify your hardware and software and, promote them to HPE customers through our catalogues, and the HPE Cloud Sales organisation.

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