Unlock data faster from edge to cloud

The HPE Ezmeral Unified Analytics solution modernizes legacy data and applications to optimize data-intensive workloads from edge to cloud to deliver the scale and elasticity required for advanced analytics.

Unify global data

Integrated data platform with files, objects, streams, and databases. Provides seamless access to all data across hybrid and multi-cloud deployments.


Unified experience for data science, engineers, and analysts. Integrates native Apache Spark and SQL compute engines to power traditional and modern analytic tools. Freedom to orchestrate applications and data on-premises, in the cloud, and at the edge.

Open-source flexibility

100% open-source stack unshackles you from vendor lock-in. Mix and match open-source, validated ISVs or bring your tool of choice.

Greater freedom and choice for enterprise

Unified platform for analytic and ML tools connects users and their tools to the right data, compute engines and storage

Cloud-native, hybrid by design

  • Optimized to run on-premises close to your data and connect to other clouds with the freedom and flexibility to orchestrate apps and datasets on premises, edge, and other clouds

Enterprise grade spark on kubernetes

  • Enables dynamic scaling, reliability, user authentication and access control in Kubernetes clusters. Support for external BI applications to run analytic jobs
  • 24x7 support for on-premises & hybrid deployments

Faster analytics

  • Together NVIDIA RAPIDS Accelerator for Apache Spark and HPE Ezmeral can accelerate Spark data prep, model training and visualization
  • Up to 29x faster build and develop times for data scientists and engineers launching at scale production analytic solutions

Build end-to-end pipelines

  • HPE Ezmeral ML Ops provides native integration for collaboration and automation with MLFlow and KubeFlow
  • Enables building analytic workflows via AirFlow to seamlessly build end-to-end AI/Analytics pipelines 

Unified operational & batch analytics

  • Native Delta Lake integration delivers reliable & consistent data for real-time and batch analytics with ACID transaction support

Integrated analytic framework

  • Unifies frameworks and tools to accelerate development for data analytics & data science
  • Supports traditional batch and streaming processes with Spark, MapReduce and SQL with validated partners like Dremio, Starburst, Presto


HPE Ezmeral Unified Analytics product details

HPE Ezmeral Unified Analytics

Unify your data globally with HPE Ezmeral Unified Analytics and make it available to analytic teams at the edge, on-premises, a cloud data lake, or on other cloud platforms, built on the HPE Ezmeral Runtime Enterprise Kubernetes container orchestration platform.