HPE Services 360

Online service agreement renewals in just a few clicks

Welcome to HPE Services360, the fastest and easiest way to renew your HPE service agreements. It's also free!

What can you do with HPE Services360? You can:

  • Renew your service agreements
  • Upgrade your service agreements
  • View your existing coverage and make changes
  • Enroll in automatic renewals

Customer feedback

“Services360 seems to be a very good tool and what I especially liked was that you can get the contracts to an excel sheet.” (Finland)

“modern”, “easy to use”, “nice appearance” (EMEA customers)

“…exactly like what I have been looking for” (to review & renew contracts online) (US)

“Finding my documents and requesting changes – very easy system” (Finland)

Great f/b on chat functionality “I can’t tell you how refreshing it was” [customer support experience] (US)

“This service is good for customer, can get the information directly from the services site. Support Team are helpful to guide thru the first initial submission. Thanks” (Malaysia)

“Very easy to use” [shopping cart for purchase process] (US)

“Nice it was this easy to get help” [customer support experience] (US)

"Very straightforward and for such a simple process, it does what I need“ (Canada)

“love the Cases tab...” (US)

“Love it!” (South Africa)

“It is easy to use, nice layout and those who logged in, really liked it, extracting the contracts in Excel we believe is GREAT” (Sweden)

Meet the Experts

Connect with our HPE technology experts to learn about how our technology services support portfolio addresses you need to take full advantage of technology to drive your business so you can deliver value to your customers.

Services360 access is currently offered to a pilot audience. If your company is interested in getting involved early, then click here to contact us and we’ll reply as soon as possible.


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