HPE Support Centre Mobile App

Get support when and where you need it.

Hewlett Packard Enterprise Support Centre Mobile App is:

  • Simplified –  Easy to install and use while on the go, anytime, anywhere, in a secure manner.
  • Personalised –  Dashboard with click-down details for Contracts, Warranties, Configuration and Support Case status and Customisable IT hardware configuration views.
  • Connected –  24X7 remote monitoring with proactive notification before problems occur*. Automated fault detection, case status and break fix service**. Relevant warranty or contract information.

* With Proactive Care Service 
** Per warranty or contractual terms 

Personalised features while on the go..

  • Mobile and personalised access to device health and support information, anywhere, anytime
  • 24X7 remote monitoring, automated case creation and problem resolution for HP servers, storage and networking
  • Intuitively easy navigation from dashboard down to the details for: 
    Support Cases status, Contracts and Warranty status, IT hardware configurations status
  • Available for Apple iOS and Google Android devices


Hewlett Packard Enterprise Support Centre Mobile App is available for both Apple iOS and Google Android mobile devices. It lets you access information, tools, and chat with HPE support professionals to help keep your critical services running. You also have the option to call and open a support ticket with the HPE Global Solution Centre. Hewlett Packard Enterprise Support Centre Mobile App lets HPE support work the way you do – from anywhere, at any time.

Using it, you can:

  • Save time – Benefit from a personalised experience and get instant access to support for your HPE IT products.
  • Reduce risk – Access recommended solutions to common problems or search specific issues by tapping into expert knowledge – anywhere, any time.
  • Improve productivity – Take advantage of the rich capability of your smartphone to keep you connected, upload photos and videos of products to speed up troubleshooting.

Your business expects you to respond from anywhere. With the HPE Support Centre Mobile App you can expect the same from HPE support. The newer version is available worldwide in multiple languages and can be downloaded from popular app stores for Apple iOS 6.1 or later devices (iTunes) and Google Android 2.3 or later devices (Google Play Store).

If you have questions, contact the Support Team.