IT Investment and Funding Models

Overcome limited IT budgets, enhance agility, and accelerate innovation with a new funding approach.

Discover the HPE New Economics of IT

IT flexibility in an age of disruption

We live in an age of disruption. The pressure is on to build flexible IT infrastructures, find valuable insights in data, proactively combat cyber threats, and provide rich digital experiences anytime, anywhere and on any device.

But, can you transform your IT without transforming how you acquire and use it?

There is strong demand for flexible payments. In fact, 93% of IDC survey respondents stated the availability of pay-per-use is important when selecting an IT infrastructure provider.1

Consume IT for SMB

Your IT budget and staff are stretched across many priorities and demands, challenged to obtain the technology needed to enable and support your business growth. To help your business continue to move in the right direction, you need affordable access to new, advanced technology, but in a way that preserves cash and helps you be more efficient and handle change.

Consume IT for SMB is a simpler and easier way to acquire your technology solution. It allows you to simplify the procurement process and only pay as you use that technology over time.

Consume IT Your Way with the Right IT Funding Model

The new economics of IT

The right IT investment funding model can make your technology and business goals a reality, whether you’re looking to avoid delays, reduce the risk of overprovisioning, lower upfront costs, or simplify your IT procurement process. Consider a new way to invest in technology to help create the investment capacity and speed needed to accelerate innovation.

  • In today's world, clients want to buy things as they use them.

    HOWARD HALL, Group Managing Director, DTP Group

Which IT investment model works for you?

Our promise is to be a true partner, one that’s transparent and flexible. We care about your business. Let us help you find an IT investment model that supports your business goals.

Subscription Based Server Funding Programme

HPE Subscription

Package best-in-class hardware, software, and IT support services with a convenient and simple monthly subscription model.

HPE Flexible Asset Recovery for Servers

HPE Adaptable Use Models – Flex Down

Deploy projects with greater speed, flexibility and efficient use of resources. Acquire the new servers you need and reduce the risk of overprovisioning with a built-in option to adjust quantities later.

Pay as you Deploy IT Funding Models

HPE Adaptable Use Models – Extended Deployment

Acquire forecasted compute and storage capacity in advance of the actual need. Align payments with deployment for added flexibility and budget efficiency.

HPE Flexible Payment IT Funding Model

HPE Accelerated Migration

Shift your existing owned IT to a flexible usage payment model. The change in investment model can unlock cash value from your current assets to invest in new IT solutions.

Flexible Capacity IT Investment Management Programme

HPE GreenLake Flex Capacity

HPE GreenLake Flex Capacity is a consumption model for on-premises infrastructure that allows you to pay as you grow—delivering a public cloud experience, but without having to move away from the control and security of your IT.


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IT Investment Strategies

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Infographic : 5 Truths Uncovered on Transformation Funding


5 Truths Uncovered on Transformation Funding

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The Rise of Pay-Per-Use Funding Models in the Data Centre

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