Is your organization looking to implement stricter data governance practices, or do you need to protect data from deletion to facilitate electronic discovery (eDiscovery)? HP 3PAR Virtual Lock Software is designed to help HP 3PAR Utility Storage customers meet data governance and eDiscovery needs more efficiently and flexibly than with existing storage products.

Virtual Lock Software gives users the ability to protect data volumes and volume copies from intentional or unintentional deletions. During the user-specified retention period, volumes and copies can be read but are protected against deletion, even by an administrator with the highest level user privileges.

Virtual Lock Software is “thin-aware,” so it works on both standard and thin provisioned storage volumes copies, and is completely compatible with HP 3PAR Virtual Copy Software, HP 3PAR Remote Copy Software, and HP 3PAR Thin Provisioning Software.


Safely and Efficiently Preserve Data for Compliance and eDiscovery

HP 3PAR Virtual Lock Software supports data retention for internal governance and eDiscovery purposes by protecting volumes and volume copies from intentional or unintentional deletion.

Once locked by the Virtual Lock Software, specified storage volumes and copies cannot be deleted, even by an HP 3PAR Storage system administrator with the highest user privilege level.

When used in conjunction with HP 3PAR Virtual Copy Software for reservationless, non-duplicative snapshots, HP 3PAR Virtual Lock Software delivers an extremely simple and efficient approach to data retention.

Simple, Flexible Administration Delivers Security and Control

The HP 3PAR Virtual Lock Software allows a user-configurable retention period that enables individual storage volumes or copies to be locked for a specified period of time.

During this retention period set by using Virtual Lock Software, read access to volumes and copies is allowed, but deletions are prohibited, making data “tamper proof".