Technical Specifications


  • Input: 385-415VAC for Intl standards & 480VAC for NA standards
    (1x30A power cord per rack)

Management features

  • HPE Apollo 8000 System Manager

System configuration(s)

  • Each iCDU rack ships with one CDU at the bottom of the rack and associated rack cooling circuit
    The iCDU rack is configurable to add 48 port HPE 5900 Ethernet switches
    Secondary cooling circuit is ordered one for every 3 racks (f8000 and iCDU) in the solution
    Optional IT equipment may be added to the top half of iCDU provided power and cooling requirements for additional IT are supplied.


  • Supports N+N redundancy at launch, N+1 support expected during FY15


  • Every iCDU rack can support a maximum of up to four HPE Apollo f8000 Racks with a total capacity of 320KW

IT equipment

  • Each iCDU rack has spare rack capacity in the top of up to 26U for installation of IT equipment such as network switches or server nodes


  • 3/3/3 – HPE Apollo 8000 iCDU Rack Warranty includes three years of parts, three years of labor and NBD break/fix response. In addition to this, two preventive maintenance services per year are also included for no additional cost.
  • *
    Price may vary based on local reseller.