Persistent Memory

Do you need to increase the performance of your data center database and analytics applications? HPE Persistent Memory products deliver the performance of memory with the persistence of traditional storage. The HPE 8GB NVDIMM Module is the first offering in the HPE Persistent Memory product category. Customers are looking for offerings that enable faster business decisions and the HPE Persistent Memory portfolio delivers outstanding performance to put data to work more quickly in your business. The HPE 8GB NVDIMM Module has the resiliency you have come to expect from storage technology by utilizing higher endurance DRAM and components that help verify data is moved to non-volatile technology in the event of a power loss. HPE Persistent Memory offerings are not just new hardware technology but a complete software ecosystem designed to work with today’s applications and workloads, including databases and analytics workloads.

What's new

  • Added Configure To Order (CTO) support for HPE 8GB NVDIMMs


Turbo-charged Performance Delivering up to 4x Faster Transaction Performance

HPE ProLiant DL360 Gen9 Server and HPE ProLiant DL380 Gen9 Server equipped with HPE 8GB NVDIMM Modules increase performance for write intensive workloads delivering up to 2x+ faster database logging performance.

Designed to speed customer applications workloads, delivering up to 4x+ faster OLTP replication functions enabling faster workloads.

Technology Designed To Make Your Business Data Resilient

The HPE 8GB NVDIMM Modules include a flash component for persistence and utilizes the HPE Smart Storage Battery that provides you with a persistent storage capability at memory speeds without the data volatility of memory.

Active data runs on DRAM component of NVDIMM which not only provides outstanding performance but also offers greater endurance than traditional storage media.

Solutions Designed Around Your Business Workloads

HPE Persistent Memory is designed around industry applications and workloads to deliver the performance of memory with the persistence of storage.

Complete hardware and software ecosystem providing a comprehensive persistent memory solution for your business.

  • 1.
    Internal HPE lab testing on a DL380 Gen9 Server with E5-2600 v4 processor and HPE 8GB NVDIMM, Dec 2015
  • 2.
    Internal HPE lab testing on a DL380 Gen9 E5 2600 v4 with HPE 8GB NVDIMM-N, Dec 2015
  • 3.
    Internal HPE lab testing on a DL380 Gen9 E5 2600 v4 with HPE 8GB NVDIMM-N, Dec 2015
  • 4.
    Based on the NVDIMM utilizing NAND Flash as a persistent store and the HP Smart Storage Battery providing the backup power source to move data from DRAM to NAND Flash
  • 5.
    Endurance comparison based on comparing Program Erase Cycles of DRAM to Program Erase Cycles of NAND Flash. DRAM can have up to 10 trillion more program erase cycles than NAND Flash.
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