Cloudline CL Servers

Are you looking to scale-out your data centers with high density storage? The HPE Cloudline CL3100 Gen10 is an ideal 1U 2P dense storage server based on Open Infrastructure for Cloud Service Providers that features up to 2 Intel® Xeon® Scalable processor families. The HPE CL3100 Gen10 can be configured in either 12 Large Form Factor (LFF) SATA HDDs or 20 Small Form Factor (SFF) NVMe SSDs configurations. The 12 LFF HDD configuration is perfect for storage-rich, Hadoop, and Casandra workloads while the 20 NVMe SSD configuration offers great support for fast Big Data and real-time analytic workloads. Boot or logging drives are supported by 2 SFF SATA SSDs and an on-board 80 mm M.2 drive. Both HPE CL3100 servers provide 16 DDR4 DIMMs for high bandwidth memory needs at up to 2666 MT/s. The HPE Cloudline CL3100 also offers an OCP Mezzanine slot for network interfacing as well as a PCI-e expansion slot for dual NICs (with OCP NIC) or controller support.

What's new

  • Supports Intel Xeon Scalable processor with up to 22 cores and memory speeds of up to 2666 MT/s.
  • 16x DDR4 DIMMs at up to 2666 MT/s.
  • 20 SFF NVMe SSDs supported for real time data analytics and rapid data workload needs.
  • 50GbE (OCP) and 100GbE (PCI-e) NICs now supported for higher bandwidth needs.
  • ASPEED 2500 KVM support option for open software infrastructure.


Extreme Scale-Out Storage Density in a 1U Form Factor

The versatile HPE Cloudline CL3100 offers multiple storage configurations to cover most storage-rich workload requirements. This server gives you the choice of 12 Large Form Factor (LFF) SATA HDDs or 20 Small Form Factor (SFF) NVMe SSDs.

You can scale out data centers with 1U 2P high-density storage rack level integration.

Designed on Open Infrastructure Ideals

The HPE Cloudline CL3100 server can be managed with a common set of simple IPMI or Redfish® commands to ease management in multivendor environments through an ASPEED AST2500 chip.

Open infrastructure means this server is not locked to any vendor and all off-the-shelf options supported on this server will come with vendor generic firmware.

This server does not support the HPE IP software stacks such as iLO or HPE Oneview, and allows for customer in-house development for customers looking to develop their own management environments and scripts.

This server supports OCP Mezzanine NICs alongside a standard PCI-e expansion slot.

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