Fixed Port L2 Managed Ethernet Switches

The HPE FlexNetwork NJ5000 5G PoE+ Walljack is ideal for enterprise organizations that need to add Gigabit network ports without the cost of running more cabling. This fully-managed, compact, 5-port Gigabit switch can quickly be installed in a standard wall outlet box. It also offers an "unmanaged" mode for plug-and-play connectivity.

The NJ5000 provides four GbE ports for local connectivity plus one uplink port. It requires a single PoE cable drop. One or two ports can be configured to power attached downstream devices such as IP telephones or wireless access ports with PoE.

What's new

  • Fourth generation, in-wall Gigabit switch with enhanced features.
  • Deploy in a standard outlet box for more ports with no additional cabling.
  • Fully managed and unmanaged modes for management flexibility.
  • Supports Power over Ethernet (PoE and PoE+).
  • Limited Lifetime Warranty.


Simplified Deployment and Reduced Costs

The HPE FlexNetwork NJ5000 5G PoE+ Walljack offers a clever, secure way to add more GbE ports in a remote location without the cost and disruption of running new wiring. Quickly upgrade from a single port outlet to four switched GbE ports.

Leverage Power over Ethernet (PoE+) to power the walljack as well as power 1-2 attached PoE capable devices such as IP-based VoIP phones or wireless access points, with no extra electrical wiring required.

It's backed by an Hewlett Packard Enterprise Limited Lifetime Warranty.


The HPE FlexNetwork NJ5000 5G PoE+ Walljack can be fully managed right out of the box with the Comware Command Line Interface (CLI).

For plug-and-play ease of use, the NJ5000 can be set to an "unmanaged" mode.

With a streamlined design, the NJ5000 can deployed in a standard wall outlet box, used on the desktop or wall-mounted.

Secure, High-performance for Demanding Environments

The HPE FlexNetwork NJ5000 5G PoE+ Walljack brings traffic control and security features to the outside edge of the network with consistent enterprise-grade capabilities and managements as found on other HPE campus networking products.

It protects the network from unauthorized access with 802.1x network login, virtual local area networks (VLANs) and access control lists (ACLs).

The switch includes Spanning Tree, Rapid Spanning Tree and Multiple Spanning Tree functionality for better network performance and resiliency.