Modular Ethernet Switches


Technical Specifications


  • Modular switches delivering over 50Tbps of switching with up to 256 wire speed 100GbE ports. Scalable high performance for software-defined cloud networking supporting comprehensive features for network monitoring, precision timing and network virtualization. All Arista switches run on the same Arista EOS modular switch operating system with a unique state sharing architecture that cleanly separates switch state from protocol processing and application logic.


  • (8) I/O module slots, maximum
    Supports a maximum of 1,024 10GbE ports or 1,024 25GbE ports or 256 40GbE ports or 256 100GbE ports, or a combination
    Depending on model and configuration

Memory and processor

  • System memory: 16 GB
    Flash memory: 4 GB
    Packet buffer: 16 MB


  • <2 µs


  • up to 50 Tbps/38 Bpps
    Maximum, depending on model

Management features

  • CloudVision
    10/100/1000 Management port
    RS-232 Serial console port
    USB port
    SNMP v1, v2, v3
    Management over IPv6
    Telnet and SSHv2
    Industry-standard CLI

Input voltage

  • 200 - 240V AC, -48 to - 60V DC
    Depending on power supply used

Power consumption

  • 6000 W, maximum, depending on model