Designed for large, virtualized data centers and cloud networks, the Arista 7500E Series Data Center Switch is a high-performance data center switch. It offers scalable L2 and L3 features with network monitoring, precision timing, network virtualization to deliver scalable and deterministic network performance in mission critical data centers, enterprise and HPC environments. The 7500E offers over 30 Tbps of total capacity for 1,152 ports of 10GbE or 288 ports of 40GbE and support for 96 ports of wire-speed 100GbE with flexible combinations of 10, 40 and 100GbE modes on a single port.

What's new

  • Advanced monitoring and automation capabilities such as Zero Touch Provisioning, LANZ, VM Tracer and Linux based tools.
  • Deep packet buffer (18GB per line card).
  • 7U (4 slots) or 11U (8 slots) chassis options.
  • 4 W per 10GbE port typical power for lower cost of ownership.
  • Up to 4,608 ports per 44U rack.


High-performance Data Center Switches

The Arista 7500E Series Data Center Switch offers modular high performance to the datacenter in a compact 7RU (4-slot) or 11RU (8-slot) combining scalable L2 and L3 forwarding.

With 30 Terabits per second fabric capacity, up to 14.4 billion packets per second, and up to 3.84 Terabit per second per slot it is ideal for large virtualized and cloud network environments.

It is fully configurable for 96 wire-speed 100GbE ports or 288 wire-speed 40GbE ports or 1,152 wire-speed 10GbE ports.

The 7500E offers under 4 microsecond latency (64 bytes)

High Hardware Availability and Energy Efficiency

The Arista 7500E Series Data Center Switch has multiple redundancies including 2+2 Grid redundant power system, 1+1 supervisor redundancy, N+1 fabric module redundancy, and N+1 fan module redundancy.

The 7500E Series is energy efficient with typical power consumption of under 4 Watts per port for a fully loaded chassis.

With front-to-rear airflow, redundant and hot swappable supervisor, power, fabric and cooling modules the system is purpose built for your data centers.

Supported by Arista EOS

The Arista EOS offers a single binary image and a fine-grained, truly modular network operating system.

With Arista EOS you get an extensible platform: bash, python, C++, GO, and OpenConfig, as well as resilient self-healing software.

Arista EOS enables advanced monitoring and automation capabilities such asZeroTouch Provisioning, LANZ, VM Tracer and Linux based tools.