Data Workload Optimisation Reign in your escalating costs and empower your data with analytics on demand

IT today is challenged with their Enterprise Data Warehouse (EDW) ingesting, processing and managing massive amounts of data. As you grapple with flat or reduced budgets, technology obsolescence, increasing customer expectations, and looming upgrade costs, you are being pressured to leverage your EDW investment, minimise disruption and risk, deliver business value, and provide BI innovation.

With HPE Data Workload Optimisation, you can reduce your cost per terabyte of data ...and get more for less.

Address your EDW challenges with Hewlett Packard Enterprise (HPE) Data Workload Optimisation Services. With this service, your organisation can identify, prioritise, and transform data workloads leveraging the right cost effective technology.

It consists of three parts – an exploratory workshop, a focused assessment, and a rapid implementation – to quickly address pain points and improve TCO, functionality, and performance.

This complete end to end agile approach protects existing EDW investments while moving to the future with open source technologies such as Apache Hadoop and Spark. Working with our extensive partner ecosystem including Hortonworks and Cloudera and featuring HPE software including HPE Vertica, our Data Workload Solution has delivered savings of up to 50x.

Hear now what the experts are saying

Our Data Workload Optimisation Services will dramatically reduce your EDW total cost of ownership up to 90 percent while improving analytics and business outcomes.

See and hear what the analysts are saying, view the on-demand webinar from IDC now.

HPE Analytics Platform – Get the right size, right platform, right consumption model, and right team

Optimising your data workloads reduces your operating expenses immediately, freeing up budget to invest in better business outcomes through new big data technologies such as analytics platforms on demand.

Hewlett Packard Enterprises Analytics Platform on Demand solutions have been designed to provide you simplicity. Choice and flexibility allow you to harness the latest Big Data technologies on our platform without the risk of technology and vendor lock-in, long term financial commitments or the need to specific cloud experts. There is no need to extend your on-premises footprint. We begin where you are and take you to where you want to be. You and your team drive your project initiatives based on your priorities and capabilities, managing your environment or allowing us to managed it for you.


On-demand Webinar – Learn how to deploy Big Data technology faster

Click on the link to access our latest on-demand webinar below to learn:

  •  How to jump start Big Data technology deployments by using a standard analytic platform.
  •  How to implement an analytics platform that can scale based on your needs and that simplifies your user   experience.
  •  Where analytics deployments have failed to deliver ROI.
  •  Lessons learned from other companies on the journey to enterprise-grade analytics.
  •  Which consumption models are most advantageous.

BrightTALK and HPE on demand webinar

Check out the latest viewpoints and research

Download our latest viewpoint paper on the evaluation, adoption and value of big data and analytics:

Realise the value of Hadoop – Viewpoint Paper

Understand big data workloads in the cloud:

There is a bewildering array of big data platforms in the cloud today including multiple flavours of Hadoop and varied technologies from major vendors. The difficulty of selecting the “right cloud platform” is exacerbated by the fact that there are no established guidelines about how to configure the right cloud infrastructure to support a specific use case around a set of technologies and related workloads.

This datanami article by Ashim Bose explores the concept that one size does not fit all.

Explore HPE Analytics and Big Data Services

As you consider how to balance improving analytics insight quality with lowering costs, look at the breadth of HPE services for you to bridge the gaps and take your BI and analytics to the next level.

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