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Using Backup as a Service to Modernize Data Protection
Using Backup as a Service to Modernize Data Protection
Data backup is foundational to data availability, data governance, and digital transformation. IDC examines the rapid rise of backup as a service (BaaS) and the ways HPE GreenLake for Backup and Recovery delivers comprehensive data protection within a your data management framework.
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Protection that’s simple, strong and seamless

Whether from a cyber attack, natural disaster, human error or site failure, Zerto, a Hewlett Packard Enterprise company, delivers journal-based continuous data protection and unrivalled recovery for your virtualised and containerised apps and data from edge to cloud. Even better, Zerto’s unified, scalable and automated data management makes workload and data mobility across clouds a breeze.

Shield your organisation from ransomware threats

With the ability to rapidly recover to a point just seconds before an attack, you no longer need to fear being held hostage by rising ransomware threats. Zerto enables fast app and data recovery with real-time protection, down-to-the-second granularity and the flexibility to recover only what you need to resume operations.

Harness disaster recovery as a service

Seamlessly deploy and scale disaster recovery protection as a service and from edge to cloud – the same technology that powers DRaaS for over 350 managed service providers. With the lowest recovery point objectives (RPOs) and fastest recovery time objectives (RTOs) in the industry, you get near zero data loss and application downtime.

Transform your data protection experience

In the face of explosive data growth and ever-increasing ransomware threats, organisations need modern, edge-to-cloud data protection that ensures continuous availability via simple, fast recovery from disruptions, globally consistent operations and seamless app and data mobility across clouds.

Minimise data loss and downtime

Ensure resilient, always-on apps with Zerto’s continuous data protection and journal-based recovery. Leverage granular checkpoints every five seconds to rewind and restore entire sites, complete workloads, large enterprise apps, VMs, folders and files. 

Simplify with a global DR experience

Streamline operations and minimise risk with a common disaster recovery experience and consistent orchestration capabilities for all your virtualised and containerised applications on any storage devices across edge, private and public clouds.

Enjoy seamless app and data mobility

Leverage continuous replication to natively migrate apps and data both on-premises and to Amazon Web Services (AWS) and Microsoft Azure – or to your public cloud VMware deployments – with unparalleled simplicity and orchestration and without downtime.

What makes Zerto different?

Zerto enables organisations to accelerate their IT transformations via a single, scalable platform for cloud data management and protection that saves time and money by automating and simplifying operations, consolidating tools and enabling granular recoveries. 100% software, Zerto’s continuous data protection technology and journal-based recovery are unmatched in the industry.

Down-to-the-second RPOs

via continuous data protection and journal-based recovery

Fastest RTOs

in the industry enhance resiliency and slash downtime

Full orchestration

across clouds simplifies failovers, failbacks and migrations

Edge-to-cloud flexibility

supports virtualised and containerised apps everywhere

Compare Zerto to legacy disaster recovery
Success in action

Tencate recovers from ransomware in less than 10 minutes with Zerto

Having already been the victim of a damaging ransomware attack, Netherlands-based Tencate, a multinational textiles company, enlisted Zerto to enable comprehensive protection from cyber threats.


Having lost 12 hours of data and requiring two weeks to recover from a previous ransomware attack, Tencate was looking for a simple, effective ransomware protection solution.


Tencate chose to rely on the continuous data protection and down-to-the-minute RPO and RTO offered by Zerto.

“Honestly, in the recent attack, I was kind of laughing during the recovery. I knew I had a way out with Zerto… I chose a recovery point a few minutes before the infection, tested for the VM being clean, and connected the vNIC — back to work.”

Jayme Williams, Senior Systems Engineer, Tencate


When a second ransomware attack hit, Tencate recovered, tested, and reconnected the affected servers in under 10 minutes — and lost only 10 seconds of data.