HPE GreenLake for Storage Fabric Management

Simplify the management of your storage networking fabrics as you accelerate productivity, increase scale, and optimize storage networking investments with HPE GreenLake for Storage Fabric Management.

Experience simple SAN management for 180 days

Try HPE GreenLake for Storage Fabric Management free for 180 days. Register for an account and discover how an intuitive user interface makes configuring, managing, and automating Fibre Channel SAN environments simple.

Save time and optimize spend

Harness the power of cloud-based as-a-service software to quickly set up and manage your Fibre Channel storage environment. Automate deployments via templates to get up and running in minutes. Simplify network SAN management, seamlessly configure lossless redundant fabrics, and increase fabric resiliency while reducing deployment time and eliminating SAN configuration errors.

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Manage from a single pane of glass

Modernize your SAN environment with a cloud-native management experience for SAN fabrics. An intuitive, simple-to-use UI offers a unified view of storage appliances and storage networks anywhere, anytime. Simple dashboards and advanced mapping, monitoring, and reporting capabilities with SPOCK compliance integration make it easy to manage all your SAN essentials with just a few clicks.

Meet growing organizational demands

Manage multiple domains, improve scalability, and easily provide visibility into all your connected devices. Seamlessly automate and orchestrate end-to-end provisioning, diagnostics, and monitoring with cloud-based APIs that provide easy integration to your existing SAN infrastructure.

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Redefine your SAN fabric experience

HPE GreenLake for Storage Fabric Management modernizes your SAN infrastructure management by eliminating storage fabric silos, improving SAN fabric visibility, and unifying SAN fabric operations.

One tool for all your storage fabrics

Simplify SAN fabric operations and move faster with the power of a cloud operational experience everywhere. A single pane of glass framework for data center discovery simplifies Fibre Channel storage fabric management.

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Simple SAN fabric discovery

An intuitive, web-based management tool makes it easy to monitor and manage your entire SAN infrastructure without the need for any special training.

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Elevate SAN compliance

Save time with fabric interoperability validation via HPE SPOCK. A graphical view of your SAN infrastructure with reporting capabilities checks the compliance of your storage fabric and allows immediate action.

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StorageReview Spotlight: HPE GreenLake for Storage Fabric Management

Read StorageReview's analysis of the value of HPE GreenLake for Storage Fabric Management, a modern SAN management solution that truly simplifies the management of SAN data fabrics. With cloud-operational self-service agility and built-in compliance checks, it optimizes overall storage costs throughout the entire SAN environment.

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