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HPE opnieuw tot leider benoemd in het Magic Quadrant van 2020
HPE opnieuw tot leider benoemd in het Magic Quadrant van 2020
Het Gartner Magic Quadrant for Primary Storage Arrays van 2020 is uitgekomen en we zijn zeer tevreden met de resultaten: HPE is opnieuw en hoger geplaatst in Completeness of Vision en Ability to Execute ten opzichte van het rapport uit 2019.
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Meet the challenges of a data-centric world

Harness cloud operational agility to unlock the full potential of your data from edge to cloud. Easily power all your apps, streamline data management, and eliminate silos and complexity with cloud-native data infrastructure that's available as-a-service.

Harness the power of AI

Elevate performance and automation with an AI-driven intelligence that eliminates guesswork, improves app performance, optimizes resource utilization, detects threats and vulnerabilities, and mobilizes data where it's needed — from edge to cloud.

Move to cloud-native operations

Free yourself from siloed on-prem management software. Instead, harness a cloud operational experience wherever data lives: manage data and infrastructure natively from the cloud, with Saas-based control, and enjoy automated management at scale.

Consume IT as-a-service, everywhere

Achieve transformational agility and drive dramatic cost savings across all your infrastructure with an as-a-service experience that delivers seamless automation and cloud-like consumption.

Accelerate Your Data-Driven Transformation

Take advantage of advanced, intelligent infrastructure to drive your business transformation.

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Cloud Experience for Every App

Power all your apps, from edge to cloud, with cloud-native data infrastructure that delivers a cloud operating and consumption experience wherever data lives. Drive every workload, from legacy to modern, on demand and as a service.

Mission-Critical Redefined

Leverage instant access to data and a 100%%3Ca%20href%3D%22%2Fbe%2Fnl%2Fcollaterals%2Fcollateral.a00058506.HPE-storage-substantiation-claim-substantiation.html%3Frpv%3Dcpf%26amp%3BparentPage%3D%2Fbe%2Fnl%2Fproducts%2Fstorage%2Fflash-hybrid-storage%22%20data-analytics-uaid%3D%227a2bbb08-eef4-4cca-878f-5bde7a12ed4b%22%20data-analytics-assetgated%3D%22false%22%20data-analytics-action%3D%22resource-click%22%20data-analytics-pub-id%3D%22a00058506eee%22%20data-analytics-assetname%3D%22HPE%20storage%20substantiation%20claim%20substantiation%22%20data-analytics-assettype%3D%22claim%20substantiation%22%20data-analytics-assetid%3D%22a00058506eee%22%20data-analytics-region-id%3D%22footnote_tip%7Clink_click%22%3EHPE%20Storage%20Substantiation%3C%2Fa%3E availability guarantee for your mission-critical apps. Power your most important workloads with HPE Primera’s extreme resiliency, unprecedented simplicity, and cloud agility.

Deliver HCI 2.0

Leverage disaggregated HCI (dHCI) for all the cloud advantages of self-service IT, automation, and simplicity — but with business-critical speed and resiliency and the flexibility to scale compute and storage independently.

Set your it investment strategy for growth and innovation

The Intelligent Data Platform from HPE helps free capital trapped in your legacy infrastructure, optimizes cloud costs and agility, and accelerates your digital transformation. Rely on an environment that frees your teams to focus on innovation while delivering the agility you need to drive growth in alignment with your investment agenda.

Verken de oplossingen voor all-flash- en hybride storage

Maak gebruik van oplossingen voor all-flash- en hybride storage uit de Intelligent Data Platform-portfolio waarmee u toegevoegde waarde kunt bevorderen en tegelijkertijd sneller uw datagestuurde transformatie uitvoert.