Enable operational efficiency

Monetize new digital services with innovative automation, orchestration, and service modeling tools. HPE Operations Support Systems (telecom OSS) solutions bridge physical to virtualized infrastructure with seamless management of hybrid, 5G, and digital services.

The Tools for Operations and Transformation

HPE Edge Orchestrator

Enables delivery of new, targeted vertical edge solutions, each of them centrally manageable across hundreds of distributed locations through simple self­service tools.

HPE Service Director

Combines fulfillment and assurance with a model-driven, end-to-end service orchestration spanning the NFV operations and existing OSS silos.

HPE NFV Director

Enables service agility through the management and orchestration (MANO) of the virtualized infrastructure.

HPE OSS Fulfillment and Assurance solutions

Streamlines and automates processes for customer orders, activation, and change management, while assuring the quality of the services delivered to end customers.


Work with HPE across the complete journey of becoming a digital service provider, from NFV infrastructure to service creation and operations.

Adopt a service-centric operating model

Optimize your infrastructure, automate your operations, and monetize your services to increase your competitiveness and become an agile, 5G-ready digital service provider.

Telecom infrastructure transformation

Start by building an agile central office of the future with programmable telecom digital infrastructure that connects billions of people, places and devices.

Creating digital service platforms

Streamlines and automates processes for customer orders, activation, and change management.

HPE telecom partners

Find a partner to help you realize your strategic plan to become a digital service provider.

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Fixing the network from the contact center

Learn how Optus, an Australian CSP leveraged HPE Telecom OSS and CMS solution, enable their customer service to drastically reduce the time it takes to resolve faults in their network.

Personalized services on an optimized network

Increase satisfaction, prevent churn, and grow revenue. Actionable Customer Intelligence, an automated tool, builds secure customer profiles, analyzes individual preferences, predicts customer trends, and delivers personalized offers to improve customer experiences.

HPE Subscriber Centricity

Gaining insight into individual preferences, usage patterns, and interests in a real-time context for tangible business results.

Marketing optimization

Transform marketing, gain new insights, and improve results by engaging with customers 1-to-1 for real-time, contextual relationships.

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Digital persona management

Establishing trusted relationships between individuals, CSPs, businesses, and enterprises.

Subscriber Data Management (SDM)

Providing holistic subscriber view across heterogeneous networks to deliver personalized service experiences.

  • >700

    Subscribers worldwide influenced by HPE SDM solutions.

  • >500

    Installations worldwide of the HPE mediation, policy, and charging solutions.

  • >500

    Subscribers protected from fraud by HPE telecom analytics.

Digital service provider tools   

HPE offers you an extensive portfolio of products that help you attract, retain, and delight your customers.

SIM and device management

Covers the complete cycle of new device introduction within your network - provisioning and managing new SIMs, compliance of mobile devices, and device capabilities.

Telecom OSS fulfillment solutions

Streamlines and automates processes for customer orders, activation, and change management.

Actionable customer intelligence

Transforms data into valuable, monetizable, and actionable information.

Subscriber data management

Enables a service-centric model by supporting consistent experiences of personalized services across heterogeneous networks.

Mediation, policy, and charging solutions

Enables management and monetization of data services with personalization.