Get the agility and velocity of the public cloud in an on-premises, pay-per-use solution that’s ideal for your cloud-native applications and workloads. Designed for enterprise customers consistently utilizing at least 250 VMs per month, your system, delivered through HPE GreenLake, is factory built, configured, installed, maintained, owned and operated by HPE in your on-premises or co-located data center, as a turnkey service. It’s scaled for your current business demands, but there’s built-in buffer capacity to address any unexpected spikes in resource demand. And since your usage is metered and managed by HPE, we’ll be ready to help you scale up your capacity ahead of business growth.

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CapEx savings and cost transparency

The pay-per-use model means you avoid up-front capital expenditure, while the HPE GreenLake Central platform gives you unrivaled insight into your consumption. Near-real-time visibility into consumption and costs allows for midstream adjustment and no billing surprises.

Comprehensive management and support

HPE monitors and manages aggregate demand and performance in real time, while you have a single point of contact for all support needs. The HPE infrastructure management team handles proactive support for your deployment, while HPE technical solutions specialists can work remotely or on-site to resolve critical issues. 

Streamlined DevOps provisioning

Ensure compliance with cost and resource parameters while speeding application development and deployment. Our private cloud dashboard lets you define scale and cost parameters for different VMs and different roles, then give developers and other users self-serve, point-and-click access to the resources they need. 

Centralized SaaS-based management

Consumption analytics let you compare the costs of running workloads on-premises versus the public cloud—letting you run your high-priority workloads on your dedicated on-premise hardware for consistent performance and throughput. 

HPE GreenLake

The standard HPE GreenLake private cloud configuration is built on the HPE Synergy platform. HPE Synergy 480 Gen10 compute modules (24 total) provide compute power, with storage through an HPE Nimble Storage HF40 flash array and a management cluster based on HPE ProLiant DL360 Gen10 units. It includes HPE Composable Fabric networking, along with VMWare virtualization software.

  • Most deployments are three to five years in duration
  • Monthly billing is based on compute and storage (both per GB) and tied directly to usage over predefined reserve capacity. vCPUs are not metered
  • Built-in buffer capacity addresses unexpected surges in demand—with no increase in unit cost
  • HPE works with you to grow deployment ahead of business growth
See how it works with a free trial

 HPE GreenLake is delivering results for enterprises around the world, and we want you to experience it for yourself. When you request a free 21-day trial of private cloud for virtual machines with HPE, we'll stand up the instance in a co-located HPE data center, assign a trial manager to serve as your point of contact for a successful deployment, and set up your account on the HPE GreenLake Central platform—providing management capabilities, usage insights, and detailed consumption reporting.

  • A 21-day trial is standard; it can be extended if needed
  • Service is delivered through co-located HPE data center, so no equipment is needed on your premises
  • Your trial includes up to approximately 50 VMs - where you can provision your apps and load data to see how it would work in your environment, and get a taste of the HPE GreenLake experience
  • There's no cost to you


Who is this recommended for?

Enterprises that can consistently utilize 250+ VMs per month over four years.
(For these purposes, a VM is defined as having: 4 vCPU, 16GB RAM, and 275GB of storage.)

Hardware specifications

HPE Synergy integrated system with usable system capacity of 2,304 vCPU, 7,833 GB of RAM and 160,000 GB of storage.

Virtualization software stack


  • vSphere
  • vCenter
  • NSX    

What is metered

Usage is metered based on two units of measure: compute (per GB) and storage (per GB). vCPU is not metered.

Included services

  • Installation at your on-premise or co-located data center
  • All required VMware licenses
  • Software support for included software
  • HPE GreenLake Central
  • HPE GreenLake for private cloud provisioning dashboard

Proactive support

Proactive support features include:


Relationship management

  • Assigned account team 
  • Account support plan
  • Support planning and review
  • Support activity review
  • HPE support center
  • HPE Digital Learner Starter pack for HPE Datacenter Care
  • HPE educational planning and assistance


Enhanced call handling

  • Rapid response to critical hardware and software incidents (24x7)
  • Accelerated escalation management
  • Remote hardware and software incident diagnosis and support
  • HPE Electronic Remote Support Solution
  • Access to electronic support information and services


Low Reserve



60% Reserved

  • Compute Unit Reserved Volume: 4,700
  • Storage Reserved Volume: 96,000 GB

Compute Unit Price: $13.85
Storage price: $0.076/GB


Total Monthly Reserved Price: $72,381

Contact sales for more details



70% Reserved

  • Compute Unit Reserved Volume: 5,483
  • Storage Reserved Volume: 112,000 GB

Compute Unit Price: $12.19
Storage price: $0.067/GB


Total Monthly Reserved Price: $74,319

Contact sales for more details

High Reserve


80% Reserved

  • Compute Unit Reserved Volume: 6,266
  • Storage Reserved Volume: 128,000 GB

Compute Unit Price: $11.08
Storage price: $0.061/GB


Total Monthly Reserved Price: $77,197

Contact sales for more details

Get a personalized price

Prices are estimates and are not intended as actual price quotes. Actual prices may vary depending upon the date of purchase, currency of payment, and type of agreement you enter with HPE. Contact a HPE sales representative for additional information on pricing.