HPE Digital Learner delivers a continuous learning channel which is reshaping every aspect of how companies attract and retain the best IT talent. Successful learning programs deliver high caliber talent and strategic skills to pave the way for exceptional business outcomes. 50% of today’s workforce is comprised of millennials, with that number growing to 75% by 2025.1 Millennials work, think, consume information, and learn differently from past generations. They demand more from digital systems and business processes, and are less forgiving of companies that struggle to be progressive. This is where digital learning thrives—convenient and flexible solutions to accommodate your pace, schedule, and learning preferences.

To make matters even more challenging, there is an IT talent crunch. The talent crunch is not hypothetical or a false alarm—it is real and it is critical. The demand for top IT staff is at an all-time high—and organizations are struggling to find qualified individuals to meet needs created by new technology demand, skills attrition, and skills obsolescence. Executives realize an urgency to nurture, retain, and attract highly skilled IT workers and to meet their demands for learning progression and skills development.

For additional information, see www.hpe.com/ww/digitallearner. For details on training included, see www.hpe.com/ww/digitallearner-content

HPE Digital Learner Bronze 1 year Subscription: HPE technology eLearning

HPE Digital Learner Silver 1 year Subscription: HPE technology + industry and personal development eLearning

HPE Digital Learner Gold 1 year Subscription: HPE technology + industry and personal development eLearning + virtual instructor-led training


Continuous learning channel; anytime, anywhere

Modern digital platform for today’s learner

Extensive digital learning content (varies by subscription type)

Digital badging

Simulated and hands-on labs

Metrics and reporting

Community experience

Virtual instructor-led training option

Ask an instructor

Learner boosts